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Got any suggestions

Hola, my husband and I are new to this forum. We have been to the DR several times and have made friends with some locals in Bayahibe. We will be returning to Dreams La Rommana Jan 16th. We send down packages to our friends on a regular basis to help them and their family’s out. We have a family member who works as a drug rep and she has donated a tun of stuff to us to give out. We have about 25 (or more) back packs and more than 100 first aid kits. I have sent down packs for our local friends but how many first aid kits can you send to one person! If you guys have any addresses I would be glad to mail down packs to your cause.

I have also read about airlines allowing extra luggage for donations. Can anyone tell me how I might find out about this? Do I contact my airline? We would love to bring down an extra suitcase for donations

mailing down packages gets very expensive but we know how thankful our friends are. We would be glad to hear any ideas people have for helping out.

Contact any of the directors of B.T.B.C.F.
There’s lots of links on this forum.

Thank You, I did send an email awhile back and did not get a reply. You know computers, or maybe it was me, at any rate I will try again

Interesting. I’m not sure who answers the email, but I suspect it’s either hlywud or Fireguy. I know they’re pretty busy and it may have slipped by. Try again. BTW, I have a PM sent to Fireguy a day or two ago and it hasn’t been opened yet.

Fireguy is away on vacation…I have been answering the emails and did not receive one from this person to my knowledge.
What email address did they use?

Our email address is info@beyondthebeach.ca

Fireguy will send you a letter on BTBCF letterhead with your flight information (which you would provide to him) and you will send that to the appropriate person at whatever airline you are travelling. I did it last year and it sure does help.

Hola everyone, I sent an email to info@beyondthebeach.ca and I will wait to hear back. Thank You

just received 1 minute ago, I will answer.

Sorry to be a pain but when U answer would you mind sending me a pm so I will know and make sure it does not fall into spam infinity

Just an fyi I emailed all of my flight info to you and if you need any more info just email me. Thanks in advance

email with letter has been sent to you today.

hey WUD,
looks like your’re still really working,
sometimes, ha ha ha
backpacks and medic kits are always needed stuff, very much appreciated.
thank you very much for supporting our children

Going to LaRomana area but arrangments have been made.

MikeFisher, what are the latest and greatest needs right now? Last year I started that “challenge” for the orphanage and think we did pretty good. Is there anything in particular I can start working on now?