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Grad S-Trip death in Cuba


Sadly, I’m not surprised this has happened given the numerous complaints and discussions we’ve had over the years about this student trip organization. I remain perplexed as to why so many parents think nothing of letting their teens participate in S-Trip vacations. Thankfully, we’ve never experienced some of the craziness first hand.

Condolences to the family of this student.


A very sad situation for everyone involved.


A darn shame. Our thoughts are with her family and with her friends.


Sad very sad .
Wonder what happened to her .
Musta been Scarey for the other kids to hear this .

Johnny C


Heartbreaking. Does anyone know exactly what happened?


L, Her family said natural causes so we’re letting it go and keeping them in our thoughts.


Oh for sure out of respect for her Family one must let it go. It is possible that her death had nothing to do with drinking or, the S-Trip venue.


So they say, L
I know you know how a daughter’s close call can hurt so much too.


RIP Alex Sagriff. Gone far too soon! But is S-trip liable here? They should be! If the "chaperones "did their jobs properly this girl would have recd medical attention and this death would have and could have been avoided.
I will always be thankful that I did not allow my 17 yr old daughter to go on her grad trip with s-trip.
I also hope this place closes up shop bc it’s a scam!


Poor little thing.