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Gran Bahia Ambar Premium Bar Drinks

Good afternoon everyone:
Can some one let us know if “premium brand” drinks such as Grand Marnier, JW Bloack, Drambuie,etc are EXTRA at the Ambar?
I noticed on some one’s photos that they had a bar menu and those drinks were extra. We are thinking of booking with Air Canada Vacations in their special something/section and the web site says they might be included,
“Unlimited international alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages” so can’t get a real answer.
Anyway, if you know anything, iot would be much appreciated.

The only alcohol that I consider topshelf that was included was Baileys and they were very stingy with the Baileys. I remember seeing that Drambuie was extra. I personally was dissapointed in the alcohol because it seemed like all the good stuff was extra.
It seemed like you drink domincan rum or dominican rum.

Also you need to ask them to put alcohol in your drinks…quite a few times they didn’t put any alcohol in my drinks. Weird you are at an Adults only resort and you have to ask for them to put alcohol in.

We were there last week