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Gran Bahia Bavaro upgrading to Ambar?

I emailed the Gran Bahia Bavaro and told them that it was our 25th wedding anniversary and wondered what the cost would be to upgrade to Ambar (some of you suggested emailing them because they might do the upgrade without extra cost because of the special anniversary). Nope, their email back said that it would be $30/person per night, so an extra cost of $420 US for our stay.

My question is, is it really worth the extra $$ ? Have any of you stayed at Bavaro or Punta Cana and then Ambar on another trip? What are the benefits of upgrading?

I think I had posted in another thread that it would about $30 to upgrade at the resort…so it looks like that is still the price/option.

We paid $80/each more for the week to upgrade from the Golden Club or it was about $250(CAD) each from the regular junior suites…

I would say that if you don’t have the Diamond or Golden section booked, that it would be worth it!

I have stayed in the Club Golden Section and the Ambar side as well.

The main differences at the Ambar are as follows…

Adults Only
Private Pool
Upgraded Mini Bar (a few wee bottles of alcohol included as well as beer)
Private Beach Area
Ambar guests can use most facilities of the entire Bahia complex while guests in other sections cannot use Ambar facilities.

If you are looking for a more relaxed/laid back holiday…the Ambar would be my choice.

Having said that…there’s nothing wrong with Club Golden either.

Enjoy and congrats!

We stayed at the Club Golden, but not yet at the Ambar side. After walking thru the Ambar section and checking out the upgrades, I wouldn’t hesitate on booking the Ambar section.
The main reason reason would be the “Adult Only”. Over all, I don’t think you can go wrong with the whole resort. Enjoy.

We have stayed in both sections, and most recently (December 2008) in the Ambar section. I would not hesitate to do the upgrade to the Ambar and say it would be worth every penny. This section is less congested, offers you the full use of the other sections, and is adults only. We love children but not on our vacation:). Since it is relatively new, everything is in tip top condition. You will not be disappointed.

We stayed at the GBP Bavaro side in 2007 and with a simple email, we were upgraded to Diamond Club. We are headed back on Feb 20th and have decided to book the Ambar Section. We actually paid less for the adults only as compared to our costs in 2007. I would not think twice about the upgrade. It will definately be worth every penny.
Whatever you decide the resort is breathtaking and you will have a great vacation.

Well, I guess we’ll be staying with our booking on the Bavaro side. After talking with our TA about the possibilities of upgrading, she tells me that the package that we booked with Sunwing doesn’t allow for upgrading. We’d have to cancel our trip and pay a penalty, and then rebook with Ambar. Oh well, it was worth a try. I guess the only way we’ll be upgrading is if the hotel decides to upgrade us when we check in. Gonna have a good time, no matter where we’re staying. Thanks for everyone’s comments.