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Gran Bahia Principe Ambar - We are booked!

Well we were supposed to be heading back to Jamaica, but circumstances have changed our destination. We are headed back to the Ambar and can’t wait…79 days to go! Had just about enough of this weather here in Toronto.

Can anyone recommend a few ala cartes as we will be going for 2 weeks this time. I know I would like to try the Don Pablo and the Japanese…any other suggestions. It is our 5th time to a Bahia resort, so I am hoping not to have to pay for our safety deposit box. We didn’t last year, so hopefully it will be the same this year.

Outside of the 2 you mentioned. We really enjoyed the “Garden Grill” , the " Sea Food Grill" and the “Mexican” wasn’t bad either. With all the times there, I’m sure you’ll agree there really isn’t a bad place to eat. ENJOY !

Just returned from the Ambar yesterday and it was great!!! At the Ambar the safe is included. For a la cartes for 2 weeks you can do them all if you want there is no limits on a la cartes at the Ambar. In 14 nights we only did the buffet once just to give it a try. For us the best 3 were the ones on the Ambar side itself. Nicer atmosphere there. The ones on the Bavaro and PC sides were busier.

As previously mentioned in another thread we are headed down from Toronto on Feb 20th for 2 weeks and I have already prebooked 12 dinner reservations at selected a’la cartes and have received back our booking #'s for each night. We have booked the Japanese x 2 and the Steak x 2 and the Italian x 2. These 3 are our favourites. Hopefully the others will be as good. I can almost taste it…

Which one is the “sea food grill”?

Did you book that directly with the resort? If so, would love to have the contact info. How soon in advance were you able to book?

The sea food restaurant, I believe is called … El pescaln … It is right beside the main pool by the beach. I may have mispelled the name … the odds are good I did … but the food was great.

I too need the email address of the contact there if possible please.

I believe the sea food resto is El Pescador.

Thanks very much ticatsmitty.

I emailed the resort approx 30 days prior to arrival and had my confirmations back in 2 days.
You can email your a la carte requests to.

Good luck and have a great vacation.
23 days and counting

I booked in advance for 4 a l cartes directly with the resort but waited to do the rest when there so I could check out the menus before booking. There were too many to choose from so wanted to check them out first. Once there there really was no problem doing the rest of the bookings. There also were a couple new a la cartes that were not on the map yet - but were still available for booking.

We prebooked our first week and will select others once we arrive and see what else is available and get some feed back as to how things are.