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Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro

On the resort map in the legend there is a section called “Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro-Premier” And “Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro”. What is the difference?

hi ladies
I can’t help you much other then putting in a link i think is ur resort .
full size view is best.

The Premier section is the “upgrade”, you get private check in/check-out, bar and private restaurant for breakfast and lunch, free internet (20 minutes per room per day), 4 ala carte dinner reservations (instead of 3), slippers and robes in the room as well as your beach towels and I believe your safety deposit box is included in that price. There is definitely a price difference, but not sure how much.

We booked the Bahia Ambar for April.

The Premier section is the furthest from the beach and main pool.
The Bavaro and Punta Cana sections are close to the main lobby’s and yet closer to the beach. You can also upgrade to the Diamond club and you will be in the centre of the resort with all the same upgrades as the Premier. There is also the Royal Golden section. All the upgrades and the rooms are closest to the beach. Then there’s the Ambar section. An adults only section with all the upgrades and right on the beach.
My first choice would be the Ambar section, Then the Royal Golden followed by the Diamond. The only reason for this is that we enjoy the beach area.
No matter where you stay, you will enjoy it. All the rooms are the same, just the amenities change. Food is good, rooms are clean, very safe and the beach is amazing. ENJOY.

Thanks for the replies!!:slight_smile:
Less than 1 month to go!!

We leave Thursday to the Golden (Yippee)- will give u a report when we get back.

I am booked from april 20, diamond at the bavaro, i wonder in which section that will place us on the map. I see the diamond club on top, but I don’t see in in the rooms part, or the restaurant. just wondering


When you look at the map, the bldg’s. will be around the pools in the centre of the resort. The pool on top is reserved for “Diamond Members” only. But you can still use the main pool by the beach if you want. It’s just quieter away from the beach. You can use all the facilities except for the Ambar section.
You will enjoy the resort.