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Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado


i am looking to book this hotel for next year anybody any info ???



Hey Ray,

According to their website


all of their new resorts in Samana have been pushed back to open in winter '06 so tryng to find a company offering them could be problematic :smiley: I “suspect” that this has to do with another delay in the opening of the international airport in the area, but that is just a guess.

My husband and I stayed in the area in '97 and have been to the island of Cayo Laventado twice. It is a BEAUTIFUL area and we are also hoping to return when these new resorts are open.



hi rose

first choice uk have it in there brochure from may 07 taking bookings now the wife and i really fancy it but trying to find out as much info as we can :-/

thanks roy


Okay, I need new glasses.


Just from the shear beauty of the place you could not go wrong. I remember often just stopping and looking around and marvelling at the beauty of the area. I find it to be much more green, much more lush than other parts of the country.

The only concern I might have about staying on Cayo Laventado itself is that it would require a boat ride to get back and forth from the mainland and the water can get quite choppy. If anyone in your party is suseptible to seasickness you “might” want to consider staying at one of their hotels on the mainland in the area.

As I recall, Cayo Laventado has beach areas that offer more wave action and others that are more calm and suitable for snorkelling.

My husband and I are eagerly following any news about these resorts and if I come across any news I will certainly forward it to you. I hope you will do the same.



Hi Rose

;D just the right type of info i need about the island .

I have emailed the resort for a update but no reply as yet any news i will pass on to you. :wink:

Thanks Roy


I am going to book this for me and my Hubby for next May with First Choice Tomorrow!!!, and Im upgrading to the honeymoom Suite, as it will be my Silver Wedding this September...........so Im pushing the boat out, so I`m hoping it lives up to its reputation.

p.s. I`m also going to Zante in September this year tho!!


Hi All

I have just booked for June 2007, myself & husband - honeymoon suite + 3 kids hotel suite. We were trying to find good alternative to Maldives hol last year (but cheaper) looks like we may have found it!! hopefully once the resort is finished we can get some feedback. Of the people who have visited the island previously - what was there to see?


If the hotel will be opening in 2006 to coincide with the airport - does anyone know what would be the earliest date for bookings - why would they wait until May 07? Itchin’ to go!


On sellofvacations, they are showing availability out of Toronto around 16 Dec. 06 through Sunwing, Signature and Sunquest.


Air Canada, and Signature are showing availability as of Nov. 4th, again out of Toronto


Thanks Rose -
Would this location be suitable for a 2 week break? perhaps if we went to the Cayacoa in Semana there would be the option to get to the town for a change? I have never been to DR before and would appreciate any opinions. Looking for a quiet relaxing unspoilt vacation, but don’t want to feel totally cut off.


Samana City (Santa Barbara de Samana) is a lovely little town and should be accessible from the Gran Bahia Samana, the Cayacoa or Cayo Laventado. The later would require a short boat ride to the mainland. You will also more than likely have access to the other sister resorts no matter where which one you stay at. I do not know this for a fact, but it is the usual practice. It is also possible that you might have access to their other resorts in Las Terrenas but again, I don’t know that for a fact.

Unspoilt is the word for Samana, at least for now…incredibly beautiful and lush.

If there is anything else I can help with, just let me know.



we nearly booked the cayo laventado ,but with kids we chose another . in our first choice brocher its says you have dining at all the gran bahia with prior booking .
i must say it looks impressive ,im now not sure we picked the right hotel :’(


[quote author=rose board=QuestionsabouttheSamanaPeninsula thread=1146594742 post=1153874396]
Unspoilt is the word for Samana, at least for now…[/quote]

You may have heard about the rock ash issue though?



[quote author=mountainfrog board=QuestionsabouttheSamanaPeninsula thread=1146594742 post=1154042566][quote author=rose board=QuestionsabouttheSamanaPeninsula thread=1146594742 post=1153874396]
Unspoilt is the word for Samana, at least for now…[/quote]

You may have heard about the rock ash issue though?


Yes, I heard about the rock ash issue but I didn’t think it would affect Cayo Laventado or Samana City…or Las Terrenas…I could of course be wrong.

I would certainly consider Samana “unspoilt” compared to the other options for tourists, as I said, for now. Then again, “unspoilt” can be interpreted in a variety of ways.


p.s. trying to keep people away from your not quite paradise? :slight_smile:


[quote author=rose board=QuestionsabouttheSamanaPeninsula thread=1146594742 post=1154057937]
Yes, I heard about the rock ash issue but I didn’t think it would affect Cayo Laventado or Samana City…or Las Terrenas…[/quote]
Las Terrenas is on the northern side of the peninsula, thus being less or not affected.
The other two locations are close to the site where the stuff was dumped (Arroyo Barril Port). From there considerable amount was washed into the bay and local people complained of skin and breathing problems and pointed to the damage it could do to the shrimp fishery.
I shall not comment on whether the waste is toxic or not.

Not in the least.
Although we do not have any stake in tourism, we welcome all visitors and benefit from a better infrastructure induced by them.
However, I do take the liberty to see things through uncoloured glasses.



You da man on the scene. Are there still complaints about skin/breathing problems? I remember reading about this on DR1 awhile ago…



Not that I know of.
The public interest has died down.
The material or what’s left of it still remains at the beaches.
The accused were acquitted of any charges recently.



Hi Roy we are also looking to book this hotel May 07 looks lovely would love some feedback before booking though so great to see you had already asked the question.


Hi Ive been in touch with bahia principe and they say the renovations are running to schedule and will be finished on the 15th dec does anyone else know anymore. I really fancy booking but am just concerned what will happen if it runs late and is not ready. Has anyone already booked and what did their agent say?