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Gran Bahia Principe - Vacation from hell!


Just heard from some friends who got back from a one-week stay at the Gran Bahia Principe that was scheduled to open early December. Well, in her words - the trip from hell!

The hotel is only about 1/3 finished so they were in a construction zone the entire time. There weren’t enough rooms to accommodate everyone, rooms that were assigned were not finished, they ran out of food, booze, etc. Need I say more? While they were there, they filed a class action suit against Air Transat, Gran Bahia Principe and CAA (travel agent who recommended this hotel). They were offered a 1-week stay from Gran Bahia Principe for any of their resorts in the Carribbean but they are waiting to hear more from Air Transat and CAA.

Also, when they were at the Jamaican airport on their way home, the run and spices they bought at Duty Free were confiscated. They even tried to confiscate my friend’s cough syrup! As far as they’re concerned, this is one corrupt country and they won’t go back. And, we will never consider this as a destination.


In another 6 months to a year it will be an awesome resort. People have to understand that the few few months the resort is open it always has problems, that’s why most people wait to book. We were looking at it, but after doing intense research (re new resort), we decided to book the Bahia in Mexico for April, now that’s an amazing resort (our third time there).

I feel for your fiends and if I were them I would take the free week at another resort because they might be just hitting their heads against the wall dealing with Air Transat. Good luck to them.

Keep us posted as to how they are doing.


Babas sorry to hear about your friends experience in Jamaica; trust me I can empathize, you see back in 2003 my son and daughter-in-law planned their dream wedding in Jamaica, that too turned into ‘the wedding from hell’ (Review posted on Jamaican Wedding site).
As to a class action suit… good luck. Sixteen of us tried going after the Resort Owners, the Manager, even our travel agent; all to no avail (be prepared to retain lawyers in both countries, and if the hotel is owners happen to be in a third country; then add another lawyer in that one as well).

The best the people who ‘served us’ would come up with was an offer of ‘three free days at the resort’, problem is that we would have to pay to get there, plus pay for the remainder of the stay (now why on earth would we do that?).

As to the airport incident; the first thing we learned is that Jamaica is a very tightly knitted community; we too made the mistake of making a fuss at the hotel while we were there, well guess what, they were waiting for us at the airport; yes, the fourteen of us who left on the same day, same flight, were alll singled out at the airport, pulled aside and interrogated; it was even revealed to us by their customs that they knew we were ‘dis-satisfied’ with our stay at the hotel (now how did that happen?); a bunch of us had to pay overweight even though we weren’t.
Oh, and before I forget, my son and daughter in law who returned a week later than us due to their honeymoon stay also got the same treatment; seems they had a list of the names of everyone in our party and was determine to harass us all.

As far as Jamaica ? Been there, done that, will never do that again.


It’s too bad your friends had such a hard experience. :frowning: We went for our first vacation at the RIU Ocho Rios is January 2006. It still wasn’t finished, they were building a bar as we were there, but the rooms were great and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The staff was great and very friendly. We knew that in the next year the resort would be fantastic. Looking at some of the photos on tripadvisor now we can see the finished product. We would definitely go to Jamaica again!



I was going to book this place for the 27th of Jan… now i am not sure… Any other comments?? We were going to go to Mexico the Gran Principe Tullum, but its very expensive over the last week for some reason… went up 300 bucks, so we figured maybe go back to Jamaica…




Not sure what else I can tell you other than their experience was the worst. Not only was the hotel unacceptable, but the corruption at the airport was the ultimate turn-off. They were told by their Air Transat rep that they could store their souvenirs and rum in their carry-on as long as it was sealed, but at the airport, it was a different story and it looked like customs agents were picking and choosing what they were confiscating. They are sure everything that was confiscated was sold. Personally, if a customs agent tried to confiscate my sealed liquides, I would pour everything out so that they couldn’t re-sell it. The worst insult for them was that everything that was confiscated was being sold in the duty-free and they were aloud to carry that on board.

Not sure what to tell you about other destinations. I love Cuba. Have you thought of that?


really disappointed to hear this resort was not up to standards. we have had a great experience in Mexico at the Bahia resorts and was looking at this location for a trip in in a year or two it is back to Mexico Bahia for 2007 I can only hope that this resort will be up an running as it should be in 2009. I know there was allot of disruption and problems during the construction of this resort I think it is more political and other not so above board factors that are causing issues that the resort may not have had control over. Still optimistic that we can return to Jamaica soon as we loved it during our past visits.