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Gran Club Santa Lucia


Has anyone been to Gran Club? I’ve been over in the review section and the last review was over a year ago. There are reviews on TA but I’m looking for more :wink: Any hints and tips about the resort would be great too - which al a cartes are the best, etc. We were at Brisas a few years ago and loved it but it is priced pretty high this year compared to the other 3 resorts, so we decided to try Gran Club.


We’ve stayed at 2 of the resorts in that area and ate at a 3rd a few times, but the Gran Club is the one we’ve only walked through. Haven’t read or heard much info to pass along!

However, Mayanobo has some fantastic pricing out of TO right now, I’m trying to talk my daughter to going there.



This is quite a late reply…but Gran Club has really gone downhill over the past year. They have fired a ton of people and the remaining staff are constantly stressed out and stretched thin. This causes a major decrease in quality in terms of food and service in the restaurants and bars. Not that the staff aren’t trying…there just aren’t enough of them!