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Gran Club - Smoking or Non-Smoking?


We are travelling to the Gran Club in three weeks and were wondering if it is smoke free or if there are at least some smoke free resturants?

We have travelled to D.R. twice and one resort smoking was everywhere, could barely breath during the nightly entertainment shows. The other resort there was no smoking in any of the buildings, which we loved.

Obviously we would prefer a smoke free environment and asked for a non smoking suite, but also understand you live by the rules of the country you are in. If there are resturants at the Gran Club that are smoke free we would definitely want to eat at them.

The restaurants are all non smoking and the evening show is outside, so you are the mercy of those around you during the show. The snack bar is open air at the beach, so some do smoke there.

I’m not positive, but I think that Fidel passed a non smoking law a few years ago for restaurants.

Enjoy Santa Lucia. It’s a beautiful area, and I’ve heard that Gran Club is even more beautiful now that renos were done after Ike.


Yes Beachlover… it was in 2005