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Gran Ventana- any last minute tips?


We leave in 4 days…can’t wait! Thanks for the responses everyone!


Just returned from the Gran Ventana on Thursday - was there for 2 weeks and, had a FABULOUS time!!!

Any specific questions I will be glad to attempt to answer…


Thanks dot! I’m glad your trip went well. If you happen to know:

I tried to arrange connecting rooms…do they have them?
Do they have irons and hairdryers in the rooms?
We usually do the beach in the morning and pool in the afternoon. Did you notice any problems getting loungers or people playing the “towel game”?
I hear the main buffet is great, but what are the themes/menus of the 3 a la cartes?
Also, anything special we should be aware of?

Thanks very much!


Yes, there are connecting rooms… actually, we had a Jr. Suite in the Catalina Bldg. and it connected with a superior room… I would think they have several others as we met other families who were traveling together and had them.

There are hairdryers in the rooms… the irons you would have to request from housekeeping… never used one as I take wash and wear fabrics or, tell everyone they are “wrinkle” fabric. ha ha!

When we were around the hotel for the day, we did the beach in the morning and moved to the pool after lunch… did not have a large problem finding a lounger as there were just 2 of us. You may not find a specific spot available but we always found 2 together. That may have been due to the fact they are not finished renovating the Saona Bldg. and therefore were not full but, lots of people there.

There are 3 a la carte’s - one is Italian “Sopa del Mer”; one gourmet “Octopus” and one steak and seafood “Ocean Grill”. They all serve a variety of food and are all very good.

Have a great time - the staff are WONDERFUL and, they will try their best to accommodate you if they can.


I stayed at this resort with my sister in January 2005. We both loved it. I also worked in the Playa Dorada complex that same winter and last winter as well. The Gran Ventana is definitely the nicest all-inclusive resort in the complex in my opinion. It was built in 1996 and it is kept up very nicely. Have a great vacation.


Dot, Has the beach been extended and renovated outside the GV? Was there 5 years ago and looking to return this year with a group of friends. Also what is the food like? is it as good as most are saying as when we were last there it wasn’t up to much (no omelettes or waffles etc at breakfast my fave) Thanks


Muchas gracias, Dot! Your info about the rooms has calmed many nerves. Adios amigos!


The beach has been extended a bit - LOTS of room to spread out.

The food is EXCELLENT - anyone who complains - I’m not sure what they are used to at home…

Pauly makes the omelette’s with whatever you pick out, put on the saucer and give him. He will also do egg white only, over easy or sunny side up… whatever you want. Just to the right of him is a guy making fresh waffles and pancakes. Don really enjoyed the waffles with fresh fruit.


Thanks Dot sounds like it’s changed since we were last there. Fantastic think we’ll be heading there September.