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Gran Ventana Beers


After reading the other threads on the beers stocked in the fridges at other resorts, I wonderd what the Gran Ventana stock and if the tips for leaving a tip work also!


The beer in the fridge at the Gran Ventana is Qxxxxxxxxxx? forget the proper spelling. It terrible and I wouldn’t worry about making sure they keep refilling it. I’m not very fussy with beer choices and I generally over indulge on vacation, we had 2 in the fridge when we got there and 1 original 1 was still there when we left.

Hope your taste buds are different than mine.



Hey :slight_smile:

I left a $5 tip in the mini bar along with a note asking for diet pop… this worked, and we had a minibar full for the remainder of the holiday (although we’d put $1 in every few days) :slight_smile:

I don’t really drink beer… would rather have a nice cocktail or a rum and coke :wink: