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Gran ventana or ibe Costa Dorado


Just trying to weight the pros and cons of each resort before booking 1 of these.all comments would be helpful.(Its been 6 years since we been to dom)price difference is only $130 per person more for the iberostar.we done the iberostar Varadero in Cuba last year and really enjoyed it but the Gran reviews seem good and its in the gated complex so would that itself be better.would you still be allowed to visit the complex area if you stay at the iberostar?we are in our mid forty’s .
thanks all


have only been to Iberostar Costa Dorado, but had a wonderful time.


Playa Dorada is not a “gated” area as such and, anyone can walk around the roads and beach. We have always felt very save in the area and walking around at night.

There is a 2 story plaza with a Pizza Hut, ATM, bank, jewelery, cigar, several currency exchange kiosks, souvenir and liquor stores… In the area there are also nightclubs, restaurants and 3 casinos in various hotels which are all open to the public even if they are not staying in the Playa Dorada Complex.

I’m (Olivia) also a Newfie and hubby and I just returned on Jan. 4 from our 6 stay at the Gran Ventana. Obviously, we LOVE the place… :o


We stayed at Gran Ventana in 2004 and at Iberostar Costa Dorda in 2005 and 2006. Based on this I would choose Iberostar. The pool at Iberostar is huge and with Mt. Isabella in the back drop it is a beautiful location. We are a couple in our early 50’s and think the entertainment is a little better at Iberostar. We have always felt safe in the Dominican Republic. It really depends on your taste and what you like to do. We found the snorkleing better off the beach at Gran Ventana as they are located near a large reef…bur still plenty of room to swim.
You won’t go wrong with either resort as the staff at both resorts will make your stay enjoyable!


never been to gran ventana,but will be going to iberostar for
the third time in april. it is the#1 rated resort in puerta plata,
and with good reason.among other things the food is great.we have stayed at other resorts previous to iberostar,and can’t bring ourselves to go elsewhere.


We just returned home from our 2 week vacation at the Gran Ventana on January 19th. Our review has been posted under the name Ruth & Dave.


Have stayed at Gran Ventana twice (2000 and 2001) and Iberostar CD in 2003. We are going back to Iberostar in a few weeks. Loved both! Both are clean, safe, good food. It was a toss-up for us. There was a little bit more going on at the Iberostar -live bands early evening, big beach barbecue one day of the week, more music in general. There’s the Route 66 disco on site if you can stay up late enough after a long day in the sun.

The only drawback for the Gran Ventana was that they only served Presidente at the one bar (pool bar) and I assume it was the Quesqueya or Soberana at the others, which leaves something to be desired. However, after enough of any kind, it’s all good and certainly didn’t deter our steady consumption of ale while there.

For the money, Gran Ventana is probably one of the best deals you will ever find for a top notch resort for service, food, location. It’s just steps away from the shopping plaza.

Iberostar is probably a notch up for service, amenities, etc but I’d go to either without hesitation. Then again, we’ve had about 3 feet of snow in the past week, so I’d be happy to be anywhere but here!


We stayed at the Gran Ventana 98’ and we enjoyed it very much except the rain we had for nine of the 14 days we were there. The food was very good, our room on the third floor was a little tough for a couple of older folks. The major thing that we didn’t enjoy was that our room was so close the where the music was played and they were so loud and it seemed they repeated the same music alot. We would return if someone would let us know if the music is any quieter and maybe play more of a variety.