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Gran Ventana question

Hi all, this will be our first time to the Gran Ventana and DR. I noticed that the superior rooms do not come with coffee makers :frowning: and was wondering if we took our own, can we purchase ground coffee at the resort or is there a store very near?

Is there anything else that anyone can think of that we should be aware of or have to take? We’ve been to Cuba several times and know that you have to take everything you might need, is this the case here too?

thanks all…

They do sell coffee at the resort or you can walk less than 5 minutes to the plaza where it is much cheaper…or you can bring your thermal mug down to the coffee station near the buffet resturant and fill yourself or have it filled at the buffet resturant. Getting ground coffee is not the issue at the Gran Ventana…it is getting the drinkable water. There are large tubs of ice on all floors and a thermal pitcher in all the rooms. We would fill our pitcher with ice and as it melted had cold water. You need to go to a bar to get water and even then, no bottles of water…just water dispensers.

In february i will return to gran ventana for the 9th time.
We always have a can of water in the minibar. And if you ask the maid they will refill your minibar daily with small bottles of water.

Mini bar was replenished daily…and yes there was water in it, the water we had was in a 1 gallon jug (like milk comes in) and the seal was broken right from the start. The seal was there just not attached to the cap…therefore we didn’t trust it. We assumed they must refill the jugs at the bar, but it wouldn’t be to hard for the person in the room before us to pour out the “good” water and fill it with tap water…not very likely, but you never know. Also there were water coolers but they were usually empty. That was our experience anyway and really the only thing we could fault the Gran Ventana with. Everything else was pretty average or slightly above average

Regarding coffee makers just ask at reception and they will put one in your room for you. Water as stated just ask the maids and you will receive as many bottles as you require.
Great this asking thingy aint it.

We used the thermal pitcher in the room, went down to the buffet, and filled it right there at the coffee station, then proceeded to the beach to enjoy a couple of coffees and watch the sun go up. But beware of the sand fleas who are active when the sand is cold.

thank you all for the replies - completely forgot about the water issue… and yes this is a great “asking thingy”!

In regards to asking for a coffee maker - would the maids have a supply coffee too?

Yes - the maid has coffee - pre-packaged for the 4 cup coffee makers on their cart. Make friends, leave a tip with a note in Spanish asking for coffee refills and there shouldn’t be a problem getting them.

BTW, when are you going? We will be there Jan. 15 until Feb. 5 - our 8th time at this resort.

In hotels where the coffee maker is standard, I’d say ‘yes’. In our last hotel, there was a coffee maker. We got coffee packets 12 days out of 14 … ::slight_smile:
In this case, I’d have to say ‘maybe’. I wouldn’t count on it.
It’s relatively easy to pick up the coffee. But, in general I’ve found that making the coffee in the morning is more trouble than going to the restaurant and picking up a cup or two …

edit: I’ll defer to dot. Getting coffee shouldn’t be an issue.

The maids in my experience have always had coffee and will replenish when they see you have a machine in your room. As Dot says a little note and a small tip will go a long way.

Dot, we will be there Jan 20 to Feb 3. Eight times, does GV have a loyal customer incentive - stay 5 or 6 times and get a free week? Thanks for the information about the coffee…

I wish they gave free weeks but, we have met many people who have been there 15 and 20 times so, they would be giving away too much.

They do have a “Fidelity Club” which you are eligible to join your second visit. Some of those perks are:

  1. Room upgrade (1 level) if available. Ex. we book a superior room and get a junior suite.

  2. Private Manager’s Cocktail party each week.

  3. Restaurant and bar usage at the Victoria Resort.

  4. Welcome fruit plate and small bottle of Brugal Extra Viejo in your room on arrival.

  5. Extra bookings at the a la carte restaurants dependant on availability.

Looking forward to meeting you. BTW, please come to the Meet & Greet on Jan. 25 at 2pm at the golf clubhouse as well. The more the merrier! Details in “The Meeting Place” forum.

Maacinom: will we see you at the meet-n-greet or just perhaps at the Tiki bar? I think that you will enjoy the place. As to our number of visits…it actually pales in comparison to the number of times of others we know. It was just luck of the draw that we first chose this place & loved it. They treat you so well. A smile & please & thank you goes so far. They have “Fidelity Club” which is repeat customers (2nd time & upwards) get bottle of rum & fruit basket in room. Upgrades (upon availability) book a room …get a Jr suite/ Jr suite…get a full suite. Unlimited a la cartes as opposed to limited #… Private Manager Cocktail meeting weekly & all round hospitality. Have never experienced some horror stories I’ve read. I believe you get what you give. Frown & snarl & I wouldn’t show my best to you either. (lol) Smile & they smile back. Water/ice/coffee never a problem.

ha ha ha …what the odds. I (D) of dot was posting to att.of maacinom from home unknowningly as (O) of dot (from work)was posting reply also. Yoiu can see we share same opinions. (lol) Sorry Mods or other readers bye-e-e-e-e

We are Breezes Jibacoa (Cuba) followers so its good to know that GV has a following as well. We decided it would be good to try some place different and found this place. Usually look for a smaller resort, but one never knows unless they try it…

BTW,how many a la cartes does a newbie get?

I believe it’s one visit to each of the al cartes and open/unlimited at the buffet and beach restaurant.
This will be our second stay and I guess, we’ll just miss you; we arrive on the 3rd of Feb.

Almost forgot to mention; book your al cartes meals the first change you get. They seem to fill up in a hurry and you may not get to go the night you want.
If it hasn’t changed; you book them at the Beata building?


[quote=@dand]I believe it’s one visit to each of the al cartes and open/unlimited at the buffet and beach restaurant.

questions, questions, sorry… ;D
Is this one visit to each per stay or if we stay 2 weeks to we get 1 visit to each week to the a la cartes?


If you stay 2 weeks, you get to go to each of the 3 a la carte’s twice - once per week.

During lunch, there is the main buffet and, a smaller buffet at the Ocean Grill. As we are at the beach all day, we usually just go there for lunch. At night, the Ocean Grill becomes one of the a la carte’s so, if you do not have reservations anywhere, you eat at the main buffet.

We find they have a good variety at the buffet and sometimes, other than the Italian, haven’t gone to an a la carte. We ALWAYS have to go to the Italian the first night in (even without reservations) or, Sension gets mad at us… :o