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Gran Ventana Review of Jan 4-18/07


has been sent to Debbie to be posted. It should appear soon. If you have any questions, post them here or pm me & I’ll answer them as best as I can.


Hi Ruth and David, I’m off to the Gran Ventana in April for 2 weeks. I was there when it was fairly new a number of years ago. I know that the rooms are in need of updating, but how did you find them? What building were you in? Can you tell me what time the pool bar closes at night? I heard that there are snacks in the late evening, hotdogs if I’m correct, and a little bar cart once the pool and lobby bar close, is this correct? Do you know if there are any plans for renovations in April? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.



Hi nikker: we found the rooms to be quite spacious. Our room had a cradenza which had 4 drawers in it & also held the t.v., & the mini fridge. There was square coffee-type table beside the cradenza which you could use to hold a suitcase if you wished…but I kept all my coffee supplies & books on it. (no, there is no coffee maker in the room…we brought our own travel size coffee maker). We had a king size bed with a bedside table on each side. There is no clock or clock radio in the rooms. There was also a table with 2 rattan chairs. There was lots of room to move around in while in the bathroom; the towels were plentiful & we even had face cloths. The closet was big enough to hold all the clothes that needed to be hung & there were some shelves in the back by the safe. We stayed in Saona building, bottom floor #1139…our room faced out into the courtyard where the wedding gazebo is. If memory serves me correct, the pool bar & the Lobby bar both closed at 11pm & yes, the food cart with hotdogs, sandwiches, rum/coke came out at that time. I don’t know about renovations being done into April, but some rooms were being done while we were there, but there was no noise to disrupt you.
Enjoy your holiday


Thank you very much Ruth and Dave, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. When we were there some years ago, the pool bar was open until midnight, looks like it’s now 11 pm. There are 29 of us going, and it would be nice to be able to sit around in the evenings and sip a cool one, and chat about the days events. 11 may be a little early to retire and we’re not too interested in going to the local discos. I think the bar/snack cart will come in handy!

Thank you,