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GranBahiaPrincipe - to do for young single?


I am heading to the Gran Bahia Principe with some girlfriends Jan 11th. We’re primarily looking for a relaxing time to de-stress in the Caribbean sunshine.

I’m sure at some point during the week, we’ll want to spice it up and do an excursion or find some souveniers etc… any suggestions?
Also, any drink suggestions from those who have gone previously?

Hope to see you there!

Hi getmeoutofthesnow…

The Bahia complex is great. We stay with this chain almost exclusively when we travel the Caribbean as we find it to be excellent.

The Kontiki cruise is a blast if you are looking to get off the resort. It’s a double decker party boat where drinks, snacks are included. You go snorkelling for a while then the crew does skits and gets everyone dancing on the way back. It’s a half day excursion so you aren’t wasting a whole day off the resort. You can book this tour right at the resort.

The Bahia has loads of shopping in the various lobby shops or in the Pueblo Principe located at the front of the resort. There’s also a beach market about a half hour walk along the beach (turn right facing the ocean). You can haggle with the beach vendors to get a better price.

As for drinks…the beer of choice in the DR is Presidente which is really good. Very easy to drink in the warmth of the Domincan sun. Cocktails are better in the lobby bars as opposed to the beach or swim up bars…but they’ll make you pretty much anything you want.

Enjoy your Holiday.


Yes…you’ll love the Bahia…we stayed there in 2007 on the Punta Cana side…that doesn’t matter as it’s pretty much a ‘mirror’ of the Bavaro side. Anyways, we did enjoy some cocktail drinks from the beach bar as well. They made an awesome “Chocolate Monkey”…Yummy and we can’t wait to try it again! Can’t remember exactly what goes in it besides the rum (ha ha) but they first pour some chocolate syrup around the bottom and sides of the cup and then again on top of the drink! The other drink you have to try …which is the drink of the DR…is the Coco Loco!! Awesome! Of course there are the Pina Coladas that can’t go wrong! Try various ones till you find one you like…that’s how I found the choc. monkey! Others to try are the Miami Vice, Banana Mama and one other to definitely experience is the Mamajuama (sp?..anyone correct me if spelled wrong!) It’s taken as a shot and a very interesting one at that! I know it’s a mixture of red wine and rum and some other spices or ‘natural’ things…can anyone help me out here! lol

Look at the resort menu too…I did like the ‘Bahia’ drink they had…can’t remember the exact name?? Enjoy yourselves…you’ll have a grand time at this ‘Gran’ resort!!

The Bahia usually overbooks and they give you complimentary excursions to vacate your room for one night. plus $200 per person when we were there last. We took the Santo Domingo and Saona Island tour. We usually take it the last few days of our trip. Pack our suitcases and leave them at the reception. Pack a carry on for our trip and last day there. When we come back they give us another room, suitcases are packed and ready to go to the airport. Get to enjoy a free excursion and put extra money in our pockets. We love it there.