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Grand Bahia Principe July 26, 2014

I will be traveling to this resort in July.  It is not my first time in Jamaica, but the first time at this hotel. 

Hello denises01 welcome to Debbies forum and I hope you will have good time here :slight_smile: Maybe some of our members will travel to Jamaica at the same time and you can meet them :slight_smile:

Is Jamaica your favorite place for vacation?

I LOVE Jamaica!!! I have also been to Punta Cana, however, I prefer JA! I am hoping to meet other members who will be traveling at the same time that I am. JA soon come!

Great! Good to hear that your favorite spot is Jamaica. Do you usually go to same area in Jamaica or you change. Which are is the best for you so far?

I have been to Ocho Rios, Mo Bay, and Negril. I enjoy each area because each offers a different experience. I have made life long friendships with people. I am so looking forward to going “home”…