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Grand Oasis Bavaro contact e-mail

Could someone please send me the contact e-mail(s) to be used at Grand Oasis Bavaro for requesting a room location or just general information?
i.e. Manager’s e-mail?
Thanks very much

hi lilyv I think the e-mail is the same as for the Oasis grand punta cana , look it up go to debbie contact resort page, it should be there, its usually is keep up to date, but if there is a new contact just for grand oasis bavaro section may maybe one of the members can enlighten us. thanks to all

the email-adress from the room-management is

Thanks everybody! Just 3 weeks to go! Yahoo! What is probably the best timeline for sending a room request? One week before, 2 weeks?


It never hurts to send your request two weeks before and then send another one week before