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Grand Oasis Bavaro to Magestic Elegance

We are going to be staying at the Grand Oasis Bavaro and a friend of mine will be staying at the Magestic Elegance in February. Can anyone tell me how far apart they are walking on the beach and if there’s a place somewhere in the middle that we could meet for a drink? Thanks.

You can’t walk to this resort too far from the Bavaro it’s at least 20 min. by car you will have to take a taxi or try to catch the local bus. Easier to take a taxi ask the front desk to arrange this. When are leaving for your trip , we just returned the other day any questions pm me.Loved this resort, but a warning do not touch any thing in the mini fridge vey very exspensive . we drank 1 small apple juice the first morning there and the bill was on the table for us . day before check out we tought we would settle this , charged to our room they said $41.00 ( for an apple juice I don’t think so . it took in total about 3 hrs of our vacation time to settle it ,we paid $5.00 for the juice . The guy in front his was $209.00 so take stock, or photo, the first day and not unless you want to pay high prices STAY AWAY FROM THE MINI FRIDGE

That’s good to know. We will stay away from the mini fridge. We leave on Feb 13th so it’s coming up quickly now. If I can think of any questions I will pm you. Thanks.

def too far for a beach walk to visit each others.
i would recommend you both take a cabby and meet at the plaza bavaro or in el cortecito for the vaca small talk, at both spots you’ll find bars and restaurants to hang out together.
bad to hear about those minifridge problems.
in such a case i would tell them upon arrival that they empty the fridge of their stuff so you can buy your own goodies at the supermarket aside of that hotel right on the mainroad, you can’t miss it.
happy travel

This plaza bavaro, is it a shopping mall? If so that would work, if we knew a place to be at the same time. Is there a distinct name of a shop or bar that we could meet at?

yes, it is a shopping plaza.
as a meeting point i would recommend Steve’s corner bar, that is the “german” bar right in the corner of the mainroad when entering the Plaza Bavaro, you can’t miss it and the cabbies usually know it. good drinks and in the middle of everything.
have fun

Sounds good. We will plan to do that. Thanks.