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Grand Oasis Marien-Cigarettes & Bubba Kegs

I am going to the Grand Oasis Marien for a week with my boyfriend in NINE DAYS! [Cue the band]. Now, my question is, can you buy cigarettes on the resort? Are they grossly overpriced? Also, we bought a Bubba Keg each [large thermos], will they fill our Bubba Kegs at the bars?

we had no issues with filling the bubba kegs at all… hubby bought cigarettes but can’t remember what they cost, sorry…

Cigarettes on resorts cost about US$4 for a pack of 20. If you go to a grocery store, they are a bit cheaper.

Buy your smokes before you leave, either at the rez or at duty free they are $5 and $6 US per pack depending on brand.

Forget the Hotel Jayne,

We were offered 200 Marlboro for £20 from a small shop just yards from the GOM. Go out the complex and turn left,then exit onto the main road and again keep left for 300 yrs and you will come across a small shop were Fags,booze(Brugal )and coffee are far cheaper than the hotel prices.