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Grand Palladium Pillows

Hi All
Only twenty days to go. ;D
Quick question: Does anyone know the cost for the extra pillows from the pillow menu? I know they are free in the Royal section but we are in the Punta Cana section.

… they start at $3. per night

let’s see
2 pillows x $3.00 x 14 nights. It may be cheaper to sleep on a pile of $1.00 bills ;D


Actually the ordinary pillows are just fine.

Thanks WUD
Last year at Catalonia they were small and lumpy. We asked for more and got two good ones. We read a few compaints on TA about pillows at Palladium. We may bring two travel pillows just incase.

I have a thing about having my “own” pillow when I’m away from home, so I’m gonna try one of those storage bags, where you “suck all the air out” and it flattens the items. Then I can pack it in my luggage and it won’t take up a bunch of room.

What about coming home?

What about coming home?[/quote]

Well my 2nd suitcase is filled with school supplies that I’m bringing to Mike Fisher, so it’ll be empty on the way home - I can put my pillow and any purchases in it.

That works. ;D