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Grand Palladium Punta Cana - Is it 4 or 5 stars?


I am getting different information from different websites. In some the resort is presented like a 5 star, and in some sites like selloffvacations.com it is a 4 star.

Anyone know anything about this issue?


probably about 4 1/2 stars …


From what I’ve heard, I’d go with that. The hotels sometimes wax a little poetic on “their” descriptions. BTW, I’m currently at a 2 1/2 star resort and having a great time. I guess it depends on your level of expectations. Food and service has been beyond my expectations and I have no major complaints about the accommodation and facilities. So all is good in my world. ;D


Yea, I didn’t care about the room that much either, I wanted a good bargain but I couldn’t find one with the cheaper places. I also heard that it’s good to go to a big resort so you have stuff to do there, since it’s not so smart to go out on the streets at night…