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Grand Palladium Restaurant Dress Code

I tried to search this but am still not sure if men have to wear closed toed shoes in the a la carte restaurants at the Grand Palladium. Can someone let me know what the restrictions are other than long pants for men?

Long pants and closed toed shoes for men, no muscle shirts, a sleeved golf shirt is OK

Thanks hlywud; I knew you would have the answer!

2 yrs ago when i was there, i had no problem with my leather sandals at the buffet or ala cartes…

OK, so now it’s clear as mud. I guess we had better be safe than sorry and make sure hubby as some closed toe shoes with him.

Probably a good idea to bring closed-toed shoes. We were at the EdeNH last year, and one night they let in a whole party of parents and teens where the teens all had on flip-flops (nice ones, to be sure, but they are supposed to be a no-no). Then another night, same a la carte, a woman got really mad because she had on flip-flops and they turned her away.

My husband wore his boat shoes with no problems. My shoes were open-toed, but they were very nice Dansko sandals with a heel, so I guess they gave me a pass!

We were just there in April, and my husband wore his leather sandals the entire week with no issue at all. We went to buffets, ala cartes, shows, etc all week long. He had his deck shoes with him but was more comfortable in his leather sandals, so he wore those with slacks and it was absolutely no issue.

Just returned from Grand Palladium Bavaro. Long trousers ( pants ) are required in all al a carte restaurants. However, i used open toe sandals in all restaurants as did most people. You will not be turned away. Just so you know, you no longer have to reserve in any of the Palladium restaurants. Great if you are a couple or even in a four but a bit of a pain if like us you are a party of nine.
Hope this helps,