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Grand Paradise Bavaro A place to go or not

Has anyone stayed at the Grand Paradise Bavaro lately? If so, how did you like it there? I’ve read several reviews on tripadvisor and it has been mixed. Also, how is Barcelo Dominican Beach? I’d appreciate any response. Thanks.

It has been a few years since we were there and I do not know if things have changed much but when were there the rooms are OK, food average, a la cartes were good and the pool was excellent along with the great beach. The only problem we found was that the doors leading into the hall way never reached the floor level and therefore you could hear people in the night passing your room. I would however recommend this resort to anyone who wishes to go there.

Thanks Still…I appreciate your response. My husband and I are looking for an inexpensive trip just to get out of the cold. My biggest concern is the beach and the pool area. Just as long as the rooms are clean…I don’t care much because you are not in the rooms much anyway.

Beach is fantastic and the pool is huge and very clean. Have a wonderful trip and ENJOY

We were at Grand Paradise Bavaro last April, stayed in the newer Club section and had a fantastic time!
The rooms were brand new, and very well kept; food we found to be really good; pools were great (there are 3; 2 in the new section; 1 in the main section) the beach was awesome!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!


We just got back from GPB on Feb.8 … Our review is posted.The hotel is good and the shortcomings minor.

Great review - makes me miss it!! Hoping to get back to the DR later this year if all goes well :wink:
It sounds like you had a good time and the description of your room sounds amazing, maybe we’ll have to try for that next time!! :smiley:

Thanks for all of your help!!! I booked our trip for the Monday after Easter for a week. The price was unbelievable. $769.99 per per for a week with Apple Vacations. So the way I look at it is beautiful beach and beautiful water and a lounge chair with a drink in my hand…how bad could that be…LOL!!!