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Grand paradise (formerly paradise beach)

hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows any details on the Reno’s at this resort. i see it is now available for booking and at not too bad of a price. we have stayed here before (attic room) and one of the few without any problems. i think its a great location on the beach and near the plaza. all your thoughts would be greatly appreciated ;D

thanks shaunandeb (looking forward to our 4th time in DR.)

We will be going Dec 1-8 with our kids and staying at Tropical Playa Dorada, but hubby and i are booked for Paradise Beach for Jan 23-30 so we want to take a look and see the reno before we get there. I will let you know when we get back. Anything specific you want to know about?

Hi - we are retiring 31 Dec and going to Gran Paradise for 8 weeks Jan 17th… Getting excited - any help as to what to expect would be appreciated. Local places to eat, drink, internet, phone, etc. etc. Thanks

Eight weeks WOW!

I wouldn’t want to be the first to test it since so many people got sick right before it closed. Only changes have been to ocean front rooms and those small away from the water room are still the same.

For the extra US $5 per night, I would rather stay at the RIU since they even got national brands of liquor

No fair! You guys are living my dream! >:(

Congrats on your retirement, and I hope you have a great time. Where are you from, as it’s not obvious in your info.


Just returned last week from Gran Ventana hotel, next door from Paradise.
We went to Paradise as we stayed there some years ago. Last week only two rooms where ready, the workers told us that they want to open early December, but nobody expects to be ready by then. An other person told me that they want to open only 2 buildings before xmas and the total hotel will not be ready before april next year

Chicabianaca thanks for the update. We used to stay there twice a year for 3 weeks at a time, but these people simply did too lottle too late. First they waster money making the kiddie pool no one uses. Then they wasted money with the big hot tub. Then to top it all off they moved the entertain center, while the rooms were left to the ruins. I even used to pay top dollar to stay there @$150 US per night, but my last trip at only $75 was simply not worth the money. They fired all the great people, like Daisy in the office, Luis at the night time bar, and let everything go. Even what they just to call the Mayor of Paradise, Mommy & Popie from Canada with their large followers and friends of Soto discontinued staying there when the last special room Soto gave them did not even have an AC that worked. No wonder Mommy and Poppy from Canada not stay at the Iberostar. I now stay like you at either the Gran Ventana or RIU where you get your monies worth and they treat guest like they should. While you report the old Paradise will probably be full steam around April, I still think the place will never make it again.

We are from a small community near Brantford, ON… Reading these reviews doesn’t make me feel better - read the reviews before the reno and felt quite comfortable going for 8 weeks… We have a 2 bedroom booked so that we have the kitchen etc. so hopefully it will be ok. If not, I guess we will be spending a lot of time outside!!! We had time share at Puerto Plata Beach Resort but they tore it down and this hotel is a sister to it so our time share can be used here. I guess we need to go into it with the right frame of mind and be ready for anything…



Go with a positive attutude & you will have a good time:)

Carol the Paradise is much better than the Puerto Plata beach resort. You will have a better time here. Only problem is the extra money they want for the food plan. For what the food plan cost, you come out better with a total air and hotel package from Canada.

How can someone comment on how it is now when the place is not even open. I am sure that they would not do million dollar renovations for nothing. Wait until it opens and go there before giving negative reviews and freaking out the people that have booked. I went there about 8 years ago and frankly even with the rooms needing updates I liked it. I liked the buffet and grill restaurants that were right on the beach, now with the newer hotels you don’t get that kind of a view. The food was good at the time, the entertainment the same as anywhere else. I will be booking Feb 5 for 2 weeks for $300.00 more than it cost me 8 years ago for one week. I am not going to expect the same type of service that I would get at the Bahia Principe in Punta Cana but I also am not paying the big bucks.

We were originally booked for Samana Jan 26 but that trip fell through as they cancelled the flight on that day. So now I will be saving over $1000.00 each and surly I can afford to go eat out once in a while.

So don’t knock something until you have tried it and give this hotel a chance to redeem itself.

I just returned on 11/15 and went by the Paradise Beach Club to see the status. You people planning to arrive there around 1/09, better make some changes since there is no way it will be complete. It looked like a war zone. While all the empty rooms have been painted, everything else is a complete mess. Everyone reports it will be ready 12/1, but Dominican time means around 6/09. There were 5 workers inside, while about 10 sleeping outside. While there is a lot of hard work to be done, some workers are simply painting the old chairs.
Construction supervisor that was trying to wake up the sleeping 10 workers outside tells me that they are still planning to open up half of the property in December. What a mess to stay there if they do, with construction going on the other half. But from what I saw and knowing and seeing the Dominican work force there in action, better count on another 12 months till the place is ready.
There is no way they can even fix up half of the place by January 2009. The temp junk yard (swimming pool) has to be redone.

that’s not good. iw ish tour compaines would be honest with their customers!!! Who wants to put their hard earned dollars towards a vacation andthen have only " certain" things opens, etc… I would never book a resort until 6 months prior the opening date to make sure all is complete!

Just got of the phone with one of the persons who will start working on December 1 in this hotel. They will try to open about 25 rooms on December 1, with one small buffet restaurant and 1 bar. There will be no swimming pool and no activities. They are trying to make a deal with some other hotels, so guest from this hotel can use the facilities from an other hotel

why even open then!!! sheesh…

I’m not going to get personal about the way some people are writing in here. I understand that sometimes it takes more time in the DR, but no need to write as if they are sleeping on the job, not doing their work, etc… Trust me, i,ve seem plenty of that over here in Montreal! if you complain, then don’t go back.
The best think to do is not to panic before you go… Go with an open mind. rest assured, speak to the people like Chicabianca28 that not only has contacts there but seems to be neutral and not get emotional about her reviews. Yoy will get the real deal.
I saw so many situations like this when I worked in the Caribbean. No need to get worried. You will be taken care of.

To (Cazbar97)

Congrats on your retirement. I live in Torre Alta not far from Playa Dorada and I am an ex-Canadian formerly from Calgary. When you arrive give me a call and I will show you around and where to get the best deals and all the good inexpensive places to eat. And don’t worry about all the renos they will be fully completed by the time you arrive as I was on the site a few days ago and things are moving along very well. My name is Joe and my number is 829-273-9115.

Reidco just read your email to Cazbar 97 where you report no problem with Paradise being completed in time. Guess you are now a true Dominican when you state no problem and everything would be completed, really meant don’t believe it!
I was there about 2 weeks ago and everyone confirms it will take them at least another 6 months to complete. Their plan to open without a pool and a small restaurant is really bad for guest that don’t know in advance.

OK, I will not panic just yet. Friends of mine are booked for Jan 29 and I am booked for Feb 5.
I was in a similar situation last year with the EDENH in Punta Cana. Everyone said that no way it would be open in time by Jan. Reports in July said that it was just a skeleton building, no windows no pool no grounds etc. and guesss what it was opened and the place was beautiful. They still had major problems but it was expected from a brand new hotel. I will be going with an open mind and hope that it will be ready by the time I will get there.
The Tour operator that I booked with is selling it for Dec. 18, and they are sending guests there, so I will wait anxiously for their news.