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Grand paradise playa dorada Is it really terrible?


We family of 4 already booked trip on Jan 1st. Now after reading tripadvisor reviews i am ready to cry >:( Is it really bad?


We’ve been on the property, been in a room, ate and drank there and had no real issues. Food and service was good and the room was basic but clean. The location is also good. That property was on our short list for this year and we chose an alternate based solely on price.
I’m also sending you a PM.


Thanks I feel better now. We are not picky. All we need - great weather and good food and drinks ;D I am not a party person. If resort clean and safe we will be happy


A lot of the stuff is true, but not an issue.

  1. Yes, you only get one key for the room.
  2. Yes, they use a towel card system. Standard procedure.
  3. Yes, they charge for a safe key.
  4. I’d avoid all casinos …
  5. The food may get repetitive after a week. I kind of like buffets. The a-la-cartes were also fine.
  6. The time share salesmen are a hassle. A simple ‘no gracias’ usually suffices.
  7. Unless things have really changed, you are not likely to get kidnapped if you go to the plaza. I certainly plan a trip or two there.

edit: We’ll have a few days overlap. May see you on the beach.


Thank you :). We dont want to cancel our trip, deal is really good. One more question We booked Superior room(garden view) is it renovated or not? Pictures of renovated rooms are very nice. Also, we are from Canada(with russian roots), from which countries the majority of tourists?


I’m going to have the same issues at ‘our’ property (one key, towel card, safe key, time share sales people, etc). All of these are inconveniences at the worst.
You appear to be traveling from Canada so it’s likely Nolitours as your tour company. They rate the hotel at 4 stars which may be a bit generous. It’s definitely better than 3 star, so let’s call it 3.5 stars. So, everything won’t be perfect but you should be fine.
As for where most of the clientele will be from, that varies from week to week. There should be a lot of Canadians, plus a smattering of other nationalities. We usually go for two weeks and the second week often feels totally different than the first.
You read but didn’t answer my PM.


It has the best beach in the area, nice point with good areas on both sides to lay out.

There are people that will nichol & dime to get the cheapest resort and then all they do is complain about it.

I met a couple on the beach in Nov that were staying there and didn’t want to go back so I arranged a tour of the Gran Ventana next door were we always stay. They will now pay the extra to go to the Gran Ventana.

Go with an open mind, enjoy yourselves and make your own decision.

I spent 31 years in the Army, have a few tours, been a lot of places, is it that bad, I think not.


And please get off the resort complex and explore the area some. Take a day and go to the beach in Sosua or Cabarete, take a city tour of Puerto Plata (cable car, Hatian village, rum factory, fort, central park etc), and don’t forget Monkey Jungle http://www.monkeyjungledr.com/site/



Bobk, what is Monkey Jungle? That link didn’t work. We are headed to Grand Paradise March 31st.


The link might have changed. This is an old thread.
Try http://monkeyjungledr.com/start/


Here is the current website (I just checked it this morning)




[quote=@bobk]Here is the current website (I just checked it this morning)


Perfect. Same one I found.
And I agree with bobk - definitely worth a visit.