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Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

Hi all , it is my 1st time to DR. Travelled a lot to many Sunny Holiday resorts/countries. My question is …

Dress code …

Most travel mags say long pants for us gents are requried. Fortunetly most places allow “knee lenght” shorts.

Is this the pratice at this resort??

thank you in advance !

I’ve never seen long shorts allowed at any resort where long pants are required…i have seen people turned away for not following the dress code…long pants are long pants why chance it

When we were there in March 2008, the pants were never taken out of the suitcase.

The buffet and Eden restaurant were perfectly fine with the walking shorts.

If you plan to go to Michaelangelo’s during your stay, you may want the pants because of the air conditioning being on. We preferred the outdoor eating options so we didn’t bother to reserve for this one.