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Grand Sirenis

Found a good price. Anyone know anything good or bad.

what would you like to know, i was there in Jan for 2 weeks…

What did you think of the beach. . I love to walk in the am with a coffee and watch the sun come up. Can I walk a lot or a little. I am familiar with the area and know that most beaches require shoes but when people say you need them there does that mean all the time on the beach as well as in the water. What about size of the resort I am used to the Bahia and do not mind the size of that resort. Can you compare.

I’m also interested in finding out what the beach is like. Interesting pricing to go last minute.

The beach is fine to walk on with out shoes. There are places where you could use them, particularly entering the water. You can find other spots that are just fine. The beach was once very tiny and of course with construction they try to expand it by bringing in sand or fine lime stone. As for long walks, you are not going to get it here other than on the grounds and the surrounding development. The beach area is very pretty and nice to see from that perspective. The main complex sits on this tiny cove and sprawls backwards toward the highway.

yes i agree the beach is fine, it’s sandy sand, the more you go over to the beach grill it’s a bit more course but it’s all good. The only coral is in the water but yet tehre is some areas that you can walk right into the water to with no shoes. The beach is several coves, so you can still walk from one end to the other but it’s not a straight walk in the water but on the sand it can be done. The more you walk to the left the softer the sand was and the less coral in the water there was but it was a bit from the main action area and the beach bar/grill. if you want to see pics i have some that might help you picture the beach better in you head. The size is probally 1/4- 1/2 to bahia, it’s still a large resort but no where to bahi’s size. To many it’s still too big but i found the size perfect!

Thanks Rene and lin04. Your answers are making it more and more interisting.

any thing else you can think of you would like to know, let me know…lin

just wondering if anyone knows anything about internet service at this hotel. Is it included or do you have to pay extra. We are going next week and need to get in touch with someone who is meeting us there.

I was there the year before lin04. At that time they had about 10 computers in a room by the gym. They were free to use and had a sign asking you to only be on for 15min. At that time they also had wired signal in the room. You had to bring your own USB cable for your laptop. Today, is an other question. All inclusive should mean just that. Some hotels still like to charge big time for this stuff. You could email the hotel and find out for sure. Hope this is some help.

yes they ahve it in the rooms now. they provide a keyboard in the dresser drawer. We never used it though as we communicated with others at home using our cell phone. i agree with rene as i don’t see why big hotels or 4.5-5 stars even charge their guests for it! :frowning: