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Grand Ventana Resort


Hey everyone

whats the opinion on this resort. We were looking to go in april over easter and I also wondered how that works out with it being holy week. I appreciate all the answers on this one


Hi Sue, it will be busy but it will be lovely as the GV always is.(wonderful hotel. love it almost as much as my favorite the sister hotel the Victoria Resort.)

If you want to do trips you may find a few places shut on the holy days so plan carefully.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


One of the best Hotels we have stayed at and would return again.
The food at this hotel in the past has easily been 5 star quality.


We were there over Easter April, 2006. There was more live music then and we really enjoyed watching the Dominican people dance!

The only thing with Holy Week that we noticed was that there weren’t any “motorized” sports for 3 days. Everything else was as per usual.


I am interested to go to GV in May, i just wanted to know how the public transportation is? Is that how you get into town?


Hi tinycheerleader, getting around depends on how brave you are, how good your Spanish is and how much you want to spend. There are tourist taxi’s in Playa Dorada with set prices and full insurance (and road worthy cars!) local taxis can be caught outside the main gates of PD, like wise the gua guas (local buses) and motos (motor bike taxis) to start with I would suggest the tourist taxis or one of the local tour companies (Martin Espinal at Isaira tours or any in the Plaza) if you want to relax. Just my thought/opinion.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


You will love the Gran Ventana!! Try to get a room in one of the two ocean side rooms. (I forget the building names). We stayed in the one of the right when you walk to the ocean. I think the bulding around the quite pool can be loud in the evening because it’s close to the bars in the Playa Dorada complex. The food is amazing and the staff very friendly. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!!


I have heard nothing but great reviews about this resort. It is a bit big for us but I know that the food and the choices on the menu are just great! I have eaten there many times and hope to dine there a couple of times next week.



Ruth- so glad you got things straightened out- added stress just before your holiday is NO FUN! Hope you’re relaxed now and counting sleeps!


We are here at the GV now Jan 4-18. It is a great place…wonderful people, excellent food, spotless rooms, …all round good place. We will be home Jan 19th & will post a review.