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Great Holiday in Barbados


Barbados is a beautiful Island filled with many treasures the climate beaches and people to name just a few. On our arrival at the airport we where greeted by a bubbly representative Cindy was her name she had us in stitches of laughter before we could get into our shuttle. On arrival at our hotel the Royal Pavilion we where received with more smiling faces. Our entire stay at the resort was superb. We found the accommodations to be very comfortable the decor was great so was the food.
Many days we just migrated between our room and the beach what beautiful beaches they have in Barbados it is hard to leave such a place. Many days I would just lie on the beach and soak in the beauty of it all.
We went on several outings whilst on the island. Our first was to the Islands town Bridgetown. It is a wonderful little town a great mix of modern stores full of gorgeous jewels a few of which I happily bought along the way duty free of course :slight_smile: Mixed with the old statues and building part of the town is like a miniature Trafalgar square in England we had a wonderful time in the town. It was also helpful that there is actually a free shuttle service for visitors that leaves the hotels on a schedule so there was no need for a cab.
On another day we took a great cruise up the West coast of the Islands has an awesome time the beaches looked even more beautiful looking right onto them from the boat. The crew was very friendly and pointed out Oprah’ house to us along with many other homes of the rich and famous. We also had a great time snorkeling on the cruise and we got to swim with the sea turtles :slight_smile: what an experience anyone visiting the island simply must do this.
Our favorite day on the Island was the day. Yes the day the day we took a tour with
http://www.glorytours.org Glory Tours
We chose to do the Natural Wonders Tour as we found it to cover many of the stops we wanted to see. Harrison’s Cave Orchid World St Johns Church bathsheba The East Coast and The Barbados Wildlife Reserve. From the very start our day started with a laugh when Sarah our tour guide picked us up for our tour. Laughter that continued the entire day for us and for everyone else fortunate enough to have gotten a seat on out tour. He told so many stories of pirates and cannibals lovers and duels and of cows jumping over cliffs and goats that butt you in your butt. Oh we had great fun Sarah as it turns out is the owner of the company and her family has been on the Island many years in fact her family was given land my King James for fighting in a battle on behalf of England. Her great grandfather was the first photographer on the Island and she has great stories to tell.
Aside from the great entertainment the tour offered we enjoyed all the stops thoroughly. The gorgeous caves the wonderful colors of the garden the history of the old church and the view oh the views. Lunch was great as I right this I am hungry and could do with a meal from Curtis at Sand Dunes a restaurant serving up some great local cuisine. Our last stop on the tour was the Wild life reserve where we watched the monkeys at play and laughed in hysterics at a couple from another tour who turn and ran as soon as the monkeys decided they wanted to say hello by yanking on the ladies skirt LOL what great fun. If you ever visit Barbados you must simply hunt down Sarah tell her Jenny and Paul sent you.
The rest of our trip was spent enjoying the beach and the wonderful cuisine of the local restaurants like Carmbola the Cliff and Picies visit them all and leave 10Ibs heavier its well worth it.
So do yourself a favor and holiday in Barbados I will be again.


I absolutely adore Barbados… too bad i can’t afford to go back. :’(

I was there for two weeks in 98 and stayed with a friend who’s family owned condos all over Barbados so i was lucky that way. However, those two weeks have been the highlight of my life. I have never seen such beautiful scenery and landscape. Also the people/locals are great… never hassling and always providing hospitality. I always felt safe on the island and the beaches are to die for! All in all… i would go back in a heart beat… and would stay for a month if i had the money! Barbados will always be on top of my list!

For anybody contemplating… GO GO GO!! lol


Leaving Feb 3 for two weeks and will post when I get back. Have been a few times before but looking forward to returning very much!!





I went to that site and could find nothing on Barbados…did I miss it???
Where should I look…