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Great news, what an honor

As allot of you know we have been travelling with Olive and Don(dot) for a number of years to Puerto Plata making donations on behalf of Beyond The Beach.

A few years ago we met Victor, his wife Maria and their two girls Emelina and Marie Celeste. Don and Olive met them when Victor worked at Gran Ventana and are Godparents to Emelina. We have spent many hours at the beach in Costambar and have been to their home for meals and good times.

Olive was talking to Victor last week, and they have asked us to be the Godparents to their next addition in September. It’s a boy and they have asked us to name him. What an honor, we are so excited to see him. Unfortunately my wife is returning to the Philippines next January for her 40Th high school reunion, so I will be going to POP with Don and Olive.

Just wanted to share this special time with the members.

C&N :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Well, Cristobal (as Victor & Maria call you) and Nenita - you are like family to them and yes, it is an honour!!!

They phoned us to ask if you would consider being godparents to their unborn son. When we called back to tell them you said yes, they were sooooooo thrilled. The baptism will happen next time you are both in POP!

We have known the family for almost 10 years and value their friendship very much.

Wow congrats Chris and Nenita :sunglasses:

And YES what an honor!!! I’m sure you will both make great Godparents.

Congratulations my friend…what an honor.

Congratulations to you both! That is quite an honor!

Alajandro ariived this morning at 8:20, he and Maria are doing fine. Can’t wait to see him in January when Olive and I become the Godparents. :smiley:

Congratulations to all!

Forgot to mention, he came in at 6-1/2 pounds.

Also since Nenita will be in the Phillipines for her_ _ Th. high school reunion in January, Olive is now the Godmother.