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Great Photographer For Punta Cana region!

Hello Everyone!
I am getting married October21st, 2008 at Dreams Punta Cana, and am there from October 19th - 26th. I have booked my photographer to come from Canada during this week.

We are looking for another bride during that time frame to use her services.

Also, she is available to the Punta Cana region not just the Dreams resort!

Please message me if you are interested.

Please read rules on commercial postings

I just got back from the paradisus and I used an outside photographer. I found them on the web and they are great- Photo souvenir. I had severine and the video person. Everything was 150% above my expectations. Check them out- You will not be disappointed

Hi otis1230…I was thinking about using photo souvenier for our wedding this December. It sounds like you are super happy with the results! I have sent them an email but have not got a response yet. How was there pricing…did you find them to be affordable? Would you happen to have a pricing list?
Thanks for your help.

I booked the gold package for the video and pictures. I am soo pleased and they are worth every penny… I have been to 2 destination weddings and both of my friends wished they used someone outside the resort. So, I looked into it and Severine and her staff are great… My wedding was friday and I meet her monday and got 400 proofs and when I left the resort wed night- I had 2 oil painting ( Everyone is talking about how greta these are), my wedding album, 12 min slide show, and a cd with all the proofs. The pics are amazing… I want to say the whole thing @2000.00 us dollars

otis1230… I was wondering about your video… did you get that before you left the resort too?

also…can you book them for JUST a video? and what is the pricing for that? do you have a price sheet or soemthing? what is the website? i think i had contacted them almost a year ago, but then when we decided we were bringing our own photographer i got rid of the info. ic ant really remember tho


I have also booked Photo Souvenir. I have read so many good reviews about them especially on the destination wedding forum that I know I will be happy. They are so helpful and their work is fantastic. This is a really good option for the punta cana brides who don’t want to bring their photographer . Here is the website www.photosouvenirpuntacana.com, Their contact email is photosouvenirsa@hotmail.com. Hope it helps.


I got back from my wedding at the Melia Caribe Tropical, and had a wonderful time, I can not say enough about our photographer though! We used photo souvenir also, and they exceeded all of my expectations!! They are truely very talented people and worth every penny! For anyone who is interested, and would like to view my photos here is a link to our album:
Any questions, feel free to PM me! :slight_smile:

I can’t open that website?

the link listed has grabbed the coma, just remove the comma at the end or try this;

Hey there everyone. I have also booked Photo Souvenir for our wedding the end of Nov. I also got the Gold photo package, the Gold video package and a TTD (Trash the dress) session. For all three it came to a total of $2400. On booking you have to pay a 25% deposit and the rest is paid when you are down there. I am sooo excited to get our pics done by them.

FYI - They are on holidays for the month of Sept, so you may not hear from them until Oct!

Well fyi guys…ive heard such great things about them so i’m so excited to have them photograph us! BUT i booked them back in july…and still havent put my deposit down yet…i’m still waiting for them to request a pymt from me thru paypal…they said it would be a month or so…and that was back in july…but i have 2 different written confirmations stating I have them booked, so I’m not really concerned.

lmrash23… I wouldn’t worry to much… I have the same situation going on. Our wedding is in 2 months, and I have yet to pay the deposit. I too was getting worried so I emailed them about 3 weeks ago expressing my concerns, and recieved an email back saying not to worry. We are definately booked for our wedding day, and there are limits on their paypal account… hope this helps!

Oh good, I wasnt really worried since they explained the how paypal limitation to me too…but i am reassured to hear someone else has heard that too! lol thanks!

No problem! I feel the same way… I mean with only 2 months to go I was starting to get really nervous even though they tell me we are booked! I am also glad to hear that someone else is in the same boat. :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone!
I’m looking into booking Photo Souvenir for my wedding. Unfortunately, I am not staying at the hotel very long after the wedding, probably just a day or two. Has anyone had any problems/concerns receiving the items (such as proofs, album, painting, videos, ect.) in the mail? Did you receive it in a timely-matter?

We used Juan Guzman. We had arrangements where the final balance was not paid until we had everything delivered to us in NY. Our plan included edited video and three albums. That is hard to get done in a few days. The albums are sent out to the printing company.
He was very willing to work with us and work through emails for a few mopnths until we approved all photos.
When we received all our items we then wired the money. That was a few months later. That was mostly our fault b/c there were over 1200 photos to look at and chose.
I would just reccommend not to pay full balance until you have the items you asked for.

Good luck.

does anyone have a copy of the price lists and packages for Photo Souvenir Photo Souvenir. I’ve emailed them but i have heard no response yet

Hi All,

I wanted to use photosouviner but they are booked for my wedding date. I am now looking into frank photography but its expensive and i wanted to do photos and video. Does anyone know any other photographers/videographers that are in the area?

hpollett… I sent you a PM with the links :wink: