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Group excursion


can anyone suggest a fun and fairly inexpensive excursion for approximately 30 people? we are traveling for our wedding so we have a variety of personalities but all adults. we would like to do something fun with everyone on one of the days of the week to get everyone together.


There are a lot of great excursions to take in the P.C. area but I found the Fun Buggy excursion to be a wonderful time for all of the adults that we had with us… You can read several reviews about most of the excursions in Debbies.


first find out how many guest are interest about going on one and how much their willing to pay out … and what they don’t like doing then you can pick 2-3 and then vote on one … it very hard to get everybody to pick one never mind 30 wow good luck


take a look at http://www.tropicalstormdr.com/ tropical storm 14 of us went on this trip last year they gave us 8 or 9 dollars off the price because of are group I enjoy myself and Iam pretty sure everybody had a great day


Take a look at this tour comapany if you are staying in the PC area. I just booked it for about 25 of mour wedding guests. It was a company that was reccomended to me, Alexander was very very professional and prompt with a response. Mention that you read about him hear . He gave me a little better price and if enough people from here book, I am hoping he will start to offer a discount for our members.
We have booked a private trip and can customize it the way we like including pick up and drop off times.


I have done the Tropical storm tour before and it was good. I emailed them too, but they only book through the toour operators. Even with 25 people, they would not book direct. This was a problem as we are using different tour operators and I was concerned about trying to book all of us on the same trip in advance using different tour operators . Also did not want to wait until we go there to book it.


im doing the 2 island tour with them the end of feb,looks amazing


I have been very impressed with the way they run the company, Very quick responses to all of my emails. Hopefully we can get a standing group discount for all posters. I am allready booked in, but future posters may benefit.