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Group Rates or Individual Bookings?


A group of 7 families are looking to go to Playa Pesquero in March 2010.

What have been people’s experience using Group Rates Department as opposed to everyone just individually booking their own?

Thanks in advance.

There are pros and cons to booking as a group. Unless one person is willing to be the manager (all coordination & banking), it can be really difficult. The group manager is the only one that should be assigned to communicate with the tour operator. Group bookings often require payment from one source – not seven different credit cards. They usually require the same level of service for everyone … for example, no upgrades for a few people but not for others. Ditto for travel insurance.

Sometimes, you can have a bit more flexibility with group bookings though. For example, you may be able to change a name up to one week prior to travel (for a fee), which can be useful if someone has to back out at the last minute.

Don’t underestimate the amount of work for the person assigned to be ‘manager’. :wink:

We did a group booking for our trip in April.
We got an amazing deal for 2 weeks…right now the price for 1 week at the same resort and the same time is about $400 more person than what we paid for the 2 weeks :o

We did not have to use 1 credit card for the booking…everyone just called the TA and gave their own information.
When we started we had a group of 10…now it is 19 ;D

I have always been the group organizer for all my trips. We have had as many as 20.

You can get everyones information, correct spelling to match passports, birth date info for those who want insurance and credit card info.

I have done it both way, having everyone else call the agent on their own and they will give a least a 24 hour window to do this or just do it all yourself.

I really like doing it and have never had a problem but they tell me I’m anal(?) about things like that. I guess they know I will get’r done right.LOL

I have received discounts from 75.00-125.00. So there is a savings to be had however you book it. Just enjoy.