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Guaga to cable car?


Will the local taxi (guaga) take you close enought to Mt. isabel to walk there?

Any help? Suggestions are welcomed.

PS, I’d like to pick up the taxi at the gate of the Playa Dorada complex or close to the Cafe Cito…



The taxi will drop you off right at the entrance for the cable cars. We were there last week,the cable car was 200 pesos per person, just over $7 US. What we did was hire the taxi (4 hours) for $45 US. Got the price before we got in. Waited for us while we took the cable car up the mountain. After took a tour and ended up at the supermacado. Bought rum, coffee, coco and vanilla there. If you decide on a taxi get the front desk to phone one for you. The desk might have a sheet with different prices on it. When the cab comes also check with him about the price. Don’t get in until a price is set. Try the cable car in the morning, there’s a botanical garden up at the top and you might need more time than you think. Also a restaurant at the top, water etc also. If you go with other people and split the taxi fare it will be a reasonable day out. Enjoy your vacation.


You can walk out of the complex just past the gate and take Bus ‘C’ quite close to the entrance of the cable cars to Mount Isabel. It’s extremely cheap but you have to know where to get off - it’s unlikely that the bus driver or anyone else on the bus will speak English.


Any landmarks or something distinct to look for …to know when to jump ?



I’ll do my best to explain. Get on Bus ‘C’ outside of Playa Dorada. You will be on the same road for a few miles or so then you will come to the circle (by a big stadium) and you will be turning slightly left to the main road of Puerto Plata. Once you are on the main road you will pass the public hospital on the left and about a mile past the hospital will be Javilla Bus Tours Station on the right and there will be a monument in the centre of the road. Approximately 1 mile from the monument will be a sign that reads ‘Telefrico’. This is where you need to get off. Hope this helps and good luck.


Thanks for your reply… i think that will do…

Just one last question from where i get off the guaga, how long a walk is it to the base of the mountain ?




I don’t remember exactly how far it is to the base of the mountain as I haven’t been to the telefrico in a few years but I really don’t think it’s that far of a walk.


when you get on the guagua, tell the driver (loud enough) “teleferico por favor”, and he will drop you off at the bottom of the hill, then take a concho(motorcycle taxi) to the top of the hill, a concho ride is only 20 or 30 pesos ($1), and the guagua is even less than that, its a blast and its dirt cheap