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Guy on the beach for excursions

i bought excursions from a guy on the beach three years ago, i fogot his name. is he still there at playa dorado, and is he still cheaper?

No worries, they’ll find you before you find them.
People selling tours that is. Haggle a good price.
See what you tour rep. is charging then compare.

I think I know the guy you’re talking about. He’s been around for years and if it’s the same guy, he was there in January.

Best to find out the price from your rep first, then find the guy on the beach…and yes he will find you first! Then barter all you want for the best deal.

I just called my dad, bobrjm, and asked him about the gentleman. If we are talking about the same gentleman then his name is “Big John”. He’s a taller heavy set gentleman that is on the beach pretty much dailey and is one of the most reliable persons I or my father have met down there. And yes he still has some of the best deals going.

My father has dealt with tour reps at the hotel, on the beach, at the plaza and outside the hotel and he has been competitive in almost all cases.

I never myself took any of his tours but did purchase off him a tour for a couple of friends of mine down there for a birthday gift for one of them. He gave me a rate approx $10 Cdn less then what they wanted at the plaza. I also tended to see him on the beach almost every day I was there and we would usually talk for a few min’s each time. He was always trying to look after his customer’s.

In one case a couple of young men from Toronto had purchased a day cruise on one of the party catamaran’s and the boat was due to leave without them and he was doing his best to chase them down so they didnt’ loose out. The tour had a non-refundable fee and he didnt’ want them loosing their money. Not many people in Canada let alone many other places would be up at 6am and down to the beach chasing after way-ward customers that had already paid their money for a non-refundable tour/trip.

Purchase your excursions anyplace but from your tour rep.

thank you i think it was john

We purchased our from our Tour Rep…Don’t see what the big deal is. Our tours were 14$ more per eprson, HOWEVER:

1-) a young couple needed to cancel the Catamaran when we were there, and the rep refunded them, no questions asked. Which by the way, the only non-refundable policy is from the guy you buy it from. Not the Tour Operator.

Secondly, as we were shopping in the Plaza 4 young gentlemen were arguing with one of the ladies at a booth that 2 of their credit cards had been ‘frauded’. They were starting to draw a crowd and security was called.

You know, I’m sure that many people booked on the beach and at the Plaza successfully. Truly, it wasn’t worth risking it for us. For 14$ I really don’t see what the big deal is, especially when you pay a minimum of $1000 for your vacation.

Look, I used to be a rep and still believe that yes it it a bit more expensive BUT you have the assurance of always being refunded, not being frauded, and guaranteed the quality tours that you paid for…and the knock-off jeep safaris are ridiculous when you look at their cheap vehicules, cheap booze and cheap guides.

I have dealt with too many horror stories form guests that used to buy here and there, and to this day, won’t buy a tour from anyone BUT my rep.

My own, honest opinion.