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?Habla espanol?


Hola! Pregunta. Cuantos habla espanol? I am trying very hard to learn spanish. I am practicing everyday using a spanish workbook, but as I have found no one to converse with it is very difficult, especially getting the pronunciation correctly. Does anyone know of any audio spanish language instruction tapes that would be helpful?
I have looked into taking courses at the local college but they are very expensive and the times are not good for me.
Gracias amigos-Mommacat (El Gato)


Start for free - online.

If you have speakers it’s audible too!


Hola Gregg. Mucho gracias! Bueno idea! Dios le bendiga! Es muy fantastico y facil. Muchos cervazas para tu cuando nosotros junta! Comprendo? Yo esperanza!


I bought a cd for my computer called"quick conversation Spanish" it says the word then has a place for you to repeat it back to a recorder and play back how you sound saying the same word. The only thing it will not really help with is sentence structure. it is to contain 2,200 sapanish words.


Margie, Thanks to you as well. I never thought of a program for the computer, bueno idea. It is wonderful if one can hear the pronunciation. I hope to be fairly fluent by the time we return to the DR. in Jan.2006, and am hoping to have a "study buddy" who will accompany us.


mommacat,have you tried a continuing education course at any local high schools.they are usually evening courses over a 7-8 week period for 2-3 hours per week and are about $90 CDN.where do you live?


I have looked into it. One of the courses offered at the college (Malaspina University-College) is about $300.00 for 2x a week for 7 weeks-runs 9-12:00 AM. The other one is 8 sessions for $138.00 during the evening. As I work retail hours (weekends/nights) it makes it difficult. I don’t want to take any cut in hours or I won’t be able to afford the DR. Then I would probably be cussing myself out in Spanish!!
BTW_Malaspina is located in beautiful Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. Today was the 1st time it rained/sprinkled in ages-of course it is my day off!


I’ve found the software is helpful for building vocabulary and preparing for certain predictable situations (restaurant, hotel check-in etc) but less so for general grammar.

I’m taking the evening courses and wish I’d have started years earlier. It’s slow going at first but now finishing level 3 there’s some progress. And, they’ve been a lot of fun, not work-like.

It’s come in handy, though other times it’s like I know just enough to sound good asking a question, the answer to which then comes too fast and complicated for me to understand. :wink:


FL-Good for you! It makes travelling easier and a lot more fun when one has some basics in the country’s language. I have tried to converse with the locals in the DR and have found that they are quite responsive to my feeble attempts. Often they reverse the questions/answers so they may learn the english equivalent. We have shared many laughs doing this. I have a girlfriend who is also learning some spanish, as we do not live close to each other we occasionally e-mail each other with a few one liners in spanish and try to translate them. We will be getting together in April and see how far (if at all) we’ve progressed. Making a test for each other-the high scorer wins a case of cerveza. Too bad we can not get Brugal here!
Thanks for your tips! Adios amigo!