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Hair braiding near Blau Costa Verde?

I wanted to know if anyone does hair braiding at or near Blau Costa Verde. I am planning a trip and I have always found the braids so convenient to wear on vacation.

I am not sure if I seen hair braiding near Blau Costa Verde on our trip last summer.

If you can’t find anyone to do it ask around at the resort. In May we stayed at Brisas and 2 different waitresses in the buffet area approached us to see if my daughter and I wanted to get our hair braided.

The ladies did it on the side for extra money and actually said it would only cost 20 CUC’s for each of us to have a full head of hair braided. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and my daughter actually has quit long hair.

We talked to several tourists staying at Brisas that we had met and they had their hair done and it looked great. The Ladies did a nice job.

We did not get our hair braided as I was worried that once we took the beads out our hair would break off and have split ends. :o ;D ;D

Good Luck finding someone to braid your hair. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

my granddaughters have had their hair braided at Blau for the last three years.
This year we were staying at PP but went back to Blau to have their hair done.(half the price of Pesquero). The hairdresser is in the sports complex and she does a great job.

Thanks! Great advice.

mmmoonface is correct. My wife and I were at the Blau in November and she had her hair done on the resort and think it was only 25 cuc’s, and did a great job.