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Hair Braiding

Where is a good place to get hair braiding done that is close to Oasis Brisas Caribe, Varadero?

I would like to get my two little girls hair done.

If you ask the front desk staff they will be able to help you out. Someone in the resort would likely be able to do it for you. I got mine done a few times at the resort that I go to and my friend was at the Caribe and she got her’s done when she was there.

:slight_smile: Just remember to apply sunscreen to their scalps. Having a sunburnt scalp is no fun and the braiding will expose their tender scalps even more than if you didn’t get it done. :-*

Not a bad idea to take some hair beads/elastics with you as often the hairdressers don’t have them. When we were at the resort at Christmas, the little girls braids were wrapped with tape–no beads. You might leave any extra beads/elastics behind for the worker.

Ishame…we went to this resort in Feb 2009 and they had a lady there that did a wonderful job at hair braiding and was very cheap she has a salon right on the resort

is there a salon at this resort?
where do I purchase those little beads and elastics?
how long does it last if you have fine hair, and should I bring something to put into my hair to make it stay in place?

In my past experiences the ouchless elastics work the best, in order to prevent the scalp burn my daughter waited until a day or so before we left to have it done. (that way it was nice and fresh to show of when she returned home). The beads can be picked up at any craft department (larger holes are easier for them to thread). After she had it done we would put a bandana on her head while she swam to help prevent the burn.

Good Luck!! Have loads of fun in the sun!

If you bring your own hair, you can reach out to Zaidelyn Bella on FB. She doesn’t speak English, but works well with a translator app. She will come to you & charges anywhere from $20-40 per hour, depending on the length and difficulty of the braid style. Platts with extensions would be closer to $20 where as corn rows with extensions or Fulani Braids (bring your own beads) would be closer to $40. What’s best is that, if you’re staying in Havana it the surrounding area, she will come to you. Just book the date, and send her a deposit that she would use for cab fare.