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Halifax to pop can you get off plane at stop befor


does anyone know if you can get off the plane i dont know were we stop but its air transat from halifax to pop with 1 stop if anyone knows thanks. im a smoker and will be dieing by then lol.6 sleeps.


Would bet Punta cana


And you would be able to get out of plane for about 20 minutes in a restricted area


thanks 20 min is 2 smokes lol


We are on one of those night flights Feb 14th and the stop is Punta Cana.


Just got back yesterday.

Ottawa-PUJ-POP we deplaned in PUJ in a restricted area for a half-hour. Yesterday, POP-PUJ-Ottawa (don’t ask, I have no idea why they routed this way, unless to punish me) we were not allowed to deplane in PUJ.



Hi There:

Usually No you cannot get off. Its about 1 hour tops for the stop over. Depending on the number of clients & luggage to drop off!

My suggestion to you is to put on a patch or chew the gum for inflight only! Most smoker do the patch for the 4-5 hour flight!

Have a great trip!