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Happy Birthday Amandalou

It was so nice to meet you in Puerto Plata last month, and thank you for your support. :smiley:

Hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

C&N :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for ail your help in the past and hopefully in the future. Your the best

Hey girl… guess the party is in full swing by now as we know that you were going to be spending it in Puerto Plata with your “family”.

[move]¡Cumpleaños feliz y muchos mas![/move]

Hola to Macarena - it was great meeting you and sharing a table with you from time to time over the past few weeks…

Happy Birthday. I was looking forward to meeting you last month. Hope your day is going well and you found some sunshine


The very best wishes on such a special day…

Thanks to all for your kind wishes, as stated I was having a lovely (and very wet!!) Birthday in the DR, I had a party in Puerta Plata with a whole bundle of my Dominican friends/family, plenty of Anejo rum and seven up, who cares if it’s raining (A LOT!!)

Thanks again to all and by the way if anyone is interested I’m 21… again!! I like 21 so I’m sticking with it!!

Cheers Amandalou :-*

PS sorry for the delay in replying, got back to the UK 6.30am yesterday, home 11.00am, bed 11.30am, got up today 9.30am, think I was a little tired!! Have since unpacked,done two out of four loads of washing, been to the stables to see and look after my horse, finally this pm read all 86 emails I had waiting for me at home and eventually… here I am!!

Amanda. Sorry I missed seeing you at the meet and greet, but we ended up spending the day in Sousa with friends who live there. Anyway, hope you had a great one. Maybe next trip!

Happy Birthday and may the Presidentes not run out

Shame to miss you Mommacat< Maybe next year?

Hey barriebrian< thanks for the kind thought but i@ll leave the cold green ones for you and the others< its Anejo and seven up for me every time!

Apologies for the wierd punctuation but I must have pressed a button somehow thats made it all wierd!!

Cheers Amandalou :-*