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Happy Birthday barriebrian

Hope you have a great day, and did you find a cheap laywer yet? :wink:

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Barry… Have a great one !!! :smiley:

was nice to meet yu at Steves :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, and Chris, I do have one of the best lawyers LOL…I am spending my birthday with a wonderful lady whom I will be taking with me to Punta Cana in November. Now if someone could only send me a Presidente as a birthday gift :slight_smile:

Cumpleaños feliz from the hot DR… Can’t send ya a Presidente but, we will sure have one for ya!!!

cumpleaños feliz Brian,
keep those presi’s coming, he he
will have them for ya.
hey, i hope you introduce that beautiful woman in november.
will save some sun and keep the greenies cold

Brian, I managed to scoop something green with Presidente on it at the meet and greet. Would look awesome on your bar :wink:

I’ll take a picture tomorrow and post it.

I am 29 minutes late by my time but 61minutes left by your time so happy birthday Brian. I do not want to know why you needed a good lawyer.