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Happy Birthday to Debbie & Tim from Winnipeg

Happy Birthday Debbie,

Tim says you don’t get older just better

All the best: Happy Birthday from us
Mary and Joe (the neighbors)

Happy Birthday Debbie

Welcome to the 50’s club.

Hope you have a great day!!


Best wishes on your birthday… as a birthday/christmas gift, I think you need to go to the DR for about 3 months… :slight_smile:
Snow should be mostly gone by then…or we hope!

Hope you have a wonderful day, all the best wishes.

Happy Birthday!!!

C&N :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

¡Cumpleaños feliz Debbie!

Awww, shucks, thanks everyone…

Wud, could you make the “50” any bigger, I’m not sure anyone can see that…lmao and thank you. And yes, I AM getting better :slight_smile:

Mary & Joe, neighbours, thanks, just got off the terrible highway, spent a great weekend at Tall Pine Lodges in the Whiteshell (West Hawk Lake). :slight_smile:

Rachel & Rod, thanks, you guys can’t be in that club too, I’ve seen your pictures and you don’t look that old? :o

OBH thanks, that would be nice if we could ALL do that, we’re just starting the snowy winter crap here now, should be -48 by the time we leave. :sunglasses:

C&N, hmmmm, pretty sure I’ve seen pics of you with Joe ??? Something in green perhaps?? Thanks. :wink:

Don & Olivia, gracias amigos. :sunglasses:

Debbie :sunglasses:

I’m so very sorry I missed your 50th birthday yesterday. :frowning: I sure hope you had a great one with lots of gifts. Happy 50th plus one day

Thanks Ash & mum :wink: