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Happy canada day 150!

For all us Canadians to be proud of a beautiful country we live in. From the East Coast to the West Coast and from the North to the South. This is our day to celebrate!


Hope everyone had a great day. We got lots of rain so no forest fires. It’s Canada, eh?

Rain rain and more rain. What a wash out this spring has been.

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We had a great Canada day in our neck of the woods. The rain did not slow us down.


We had a mostly nice day for it. A bit of a shower in the early evening, but it came late enough that I still managed to barbecue some chicken for our supper.

Can’t say I am proud to be Canadian, not sure what Canadian is anymore. Not a very secure Country economically and quite frankly really scared about the economical decline and how much our politicians have their heads buried in the sand. Being honest it was our dream to sell up and move to a tropical Country where the cost of living is more affordable, but the biggest kick in the teeth was to find out that in order to get your pension, (you know the one that we have all being paying into for as long as I can remember) well you have to live here six months of the year. That I believe is thanks to the idiot Harper who ran Alberta into the ground and lets not talk about the other idiots who are banging it further in. I can really rant right now about growing old and feeling trapped. Our medical system is really bad, waiting lists to see specialist is horrible and lets not talk about kids trying to get an education. It pisses me off big time all the doors being opened to refugees. How about taking care of your own first. It sickens me to see how many people are begging outside of grocery stores and living on the street. Canada eh!

Here in Alberta it was wall to wall sunshine and 30 C. Great rodeo and fireworks in Maple Creek.
The ranchers need rain.

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Good canada day here too weather wise

Hey there sweets!
I agree with much of what you say, but when you look at the options available, Canadian citizenship is still better than the easier options.
one option we are looking into - is selling out our real estate in Canada and living in a MH park for 6 months and a day. That satisfies the residency requirements for health care and pension.
The other 6 months less a day would be travelling, (winter). We met a couple who retired 6 years ago and are doing that. If you pick a cheap country to rent an apartment and live in for the winter, ( Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, San Andreas Island), you can live cheaper than your CPP cheques. Your savings and investments continue to grow, untouched until you settle down.
The education preferences piss me off too. Queue jumping should not be permitted.
I also hate to see the begging that goes on outside the LCBO and grocery stores but we do have a safety net that ensures people will not starve. Many, ( most) of the ones I have seen begging have been smokers, or tattoo aficionados, or non-conformists who refuse to work for the pittances being paid for unskilled labour. We all don’t deserve $40, 000 p.a. to start. Work your way up. Nobody is owed a good life. A life, yes, but to get something out you must put something in. Life is not fair - get used to it.
We’ve got it good here, the envy of the rest of the world.

To buy both sides of a duplex in Blairmore Alberta we would spend $170,000. Live in half and do AirBnB the other side all year. When we’re away in the winter, the skiers would pay $125 per night per side to be near the ski hills. We travelled AirBnB through Australia and would like to profit from the growing trend.

Hey bigjohn
Sounds like you have a perfect plan. Great ideas for sure and yes they can work if one is debt free. Unfortunately in our case we need the sale of our home (downsized years ago) in order to be able to move to a tropical Country and live there full time.
At this time we cannot afford to carry a debt load and live in another Country. As mentioned the Government has put a stop to that and is forcing people to stay in Canada half of the year.
It was not always like this, there are many Ex Pats who live in more affordable Countries and live off of their pensions.
There is always hope that the Government will change their minds again, it makes sense really to get rid of Elderly people who are not getting the proper care in our already over taxed and over burdened medical system.
The Men and Women I am seeing begging are desperate and without hope.
There are not that many services available to people who are out of work and forced to live on the streets. Besides it takes more than a meal to get by, one needs a decent place to rest, to clean up, do laundry and the very basics of life. Bottom line we have people who are freezing to death in tents and other areas, right here in Alberta and other parts of Canada and I can assure you it is going to get worst.
Even people who are well off are feeling the strain and cutting back big time and this is where people like us are being affected.
In the meantime Pretty boy Trudeau is busy jet setting and pretending to make alliances.
I know allot of people think Trump is crazy, but I think it is great that some leader finally has a vision to clean out the trash and get the real people in his Country working and has a plan to ensure that work and products are made at home; as well as putting his people first. In the meantime we have Pretty boy handing over money to programs for refugees while Canadians who served this Country and other Seniors are living below poverty line.
Not from lack of hard work or, initiative. You get to a certain age and most employers do not want to touch you, you either know too much or, too little…lol.
Anyways enough of my rant, just saying that not everyone is that impressed with being Canadian.

And the biggest pizz-off?
When there’s a disaster elsewhere in the world and we fly in our DART team to provide fresh drinking water until the country can get things sorted. Meanwhile in Attawapiskat, they have not been able to drink their water for 25 years.
In Pikanjicum (sp)?, there are no full time medical personnel to help with indigenous health issues but we can send doctors to overseas locations to assist with mental health issues.
Don’t get me started on Khadr.
I’ll step down from my soap box now.

Biggest problem is the average politician do not have a clue how the average Canadian lives.Their lifestyles are a whole different ball game. Between where they live, who they socialize with, the clubs they belong to, where their Children go to school etc. They just don’t have a clue.
It would be like a bunch of tourists going to Banff and saying they have been to Canada and know how Canadians live.

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We control our politicians by throwing them out on a regular basis. In NB, there’s no guarantee of a second term anymore.

There’s no guarantee of a second term? Then why do they get severance pay?

We were in Banff yesterday and I DO know how Canadians live!
I’ve been called clueless before.

Yes, John, they get up to $42,000 if they leave before their 8th year, after which they qualify for pension benefits. For an MLA who serves one 4 year term that’s a 21,000 “relocation” payment.

Have not been to Banff for years, really expensive there.
Get this wanted to go to a 40 yr Grad reunion, the cost just to fly in to Abbottsford or, Vancouver for one to two days, motel for one night and cost of food would equal one full payment for one of us and partial funding to Cuba for a week All inclusive.
Really want to check out Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, again the cost for the two of us just for a week would equal up to two All Inclusive vacations.

If you come to NB, you’ll have to visit us. Save a hotel bill for a night.

Mighty nice offer. I figured for sure one of these days we will all meet in our beloved Cuba. The question of course is where? Would love it to be Cayo Largo, but no packages from Cowtown

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