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Harbour Lights


Has anyone been to Harbour Lights recently? I was in Barbados over 10 years ago and remember having the time of my life there! Met some wonderful people from Sweden & Norway there. Just curious to see if it was still a hopping place!


hello there, yes we been there and it was SUPER ;D
had the time of my life good party, music, drinks, and dancing
too!!! we are going back next year, and for sure to go there
again,.are you going back? and where would you stay??
by by :-*


Not sure when I’m heading back… leaving for Cuba in 21 days. I got really lucky when I was in Barbados… a friend of mine has relatives that owned a condo at a resort and we got to stay for free. It was totally cool! Loved every minute of it! Stayed in touch with the people from Sweden for a few years, but then lost touch. Too bad… would have loved to have gone to Sweden to see them!!


lucky you :’(
would love to know peoples too, but hay can have everything we want hay?? maybe in the future but for now,
we will dream of next year and continue to look on the net. for places (hotel) to go. have a good day to you…