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Hard Rock Punta Cana in February 2019


We are going the first week in February with 2 other couples. I can’t seem to find much info on this resort that is current. We are attending a conference for 2 days there and we decided to extend our vacation to stay for a week.

We are hoping that the resort is clean and well kept. There are like 9 restaurants so hopefully the food is good and the drinks are not watered down.

Any feedback and/or suggestions on things to do would be greatly appreciated.


You might find more information here



Thanks for the link. I will go check it out. I went to Bavaro Palace years ago (before the storm damage and the rebuilding) so I know so much has changed since then.


All I know is that it’s a very large resort with many pools and rooms. As for drinks being watered down, not sure how that can be… plus if you feel it’s watered down ask for a single shot with no mix to test it or just order a double with mix :slight_smile: