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Has anyone been to the Grand Palladium punta cana?


Hi all,

I am leaving for the Dominican Republic Punta Cana and I think i have chosen a resort. it is this one:


I was considering this one too because I got a deal 200 euro less for the package per person but when I found out it the all inclusive was only until 12 and after that you have to pay for stuff I scratched it off my list. :


Anyone been to these places? If so, I will be great if you can give me some info about the place and the beach there. Thanks in advance!


Any other suggestions would be great too


My travel agent said it was right on the beach, but I looked it up on google maps and I think it isn’t. They pop up a number of differnet grand palladium resorts and it’s confusing, HELP!!


Don’t trust Google maps on this one. Yes, the resort is beachfront, but the complex goes quite a ways back. You can clearly see that in the photos on the website you mentioned. There are quite a few reviews on our main site at http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/fiestabeach.html


Thanks, it seems like an OK place, have you been there?


No, not been to that particular resort, but I believe one of our other moderators (wud) has been several times.


zdrav…I am at the resort right next door to the GPPunta Cana…we’re staying at the Bavaro section. The Punta Cana section is nice, compact with a great pool area & pool restaurant. The beach is beautiful & you can walk for quite a ways, either way.
The Palladium complex is big, encompassing the Bavaro, Punta Cana, The Palace and The Royal Suites Turquesa (adults only). From what I understand, if you stay at the RST you use all sections of the complex, but if you stay at either of the other 3 sections, you can use all except the RST section.
The best way to see where everything is situated is to ride “the train” from end to end…
Food is good, staff is good, grounds are beautiful !!


Wow you’re there right now ? Nice… I am so glad you replied, I feel much better about the place now. I am leaving on Feb 11. Is it a 4 star or 5 star do you know? Because I am reading different things on the net. Do you have any tips for me because tomorrow morning I am paying for the package, like should I ask what type of a room I’m gonna get or anything come to mind I should ask or confirm ?
So cool , I wasn’t expecting someone there RIGHT NOW to answer my questions , this is awesome!


Been there 7 times, you will not be disappointed.Here is a map for you.



Thank you for the map , it is helpful. Great, i dont know what kind of room my travel agent booked for me he doesnt even know probably a standard. I think the only difference is he tub in the delux room is in the room and in the standard room its in the bathroom.


IMHO Grand Palladium resort is the best in PC,

great stretch of beach, easy walk to Steves corner bar, very close to el coricito for shopping and dining,

the food on resort is good, some people dont like the fact you cant make reservations for ala cartes, myself i prefer it

make sure you check out Hemmingways bar in the evening, right in behind Bavaro pool area,

best thing to do after you get settled in, grab a drink, get your map,hope on a tram and take a couple loops around the resort, will give you a good lay of the land and then you can figure out the short cuts,

i like grand palladium’s so much, im trying the one in mexico this year


Cool thanks for all the advice and help. I can’t wait to go and check it out in less than 2 weeks. You guys have been very helpful. I am glad I made the right decision from all the resorts I was checking out!


zdrav…sorry that I can’t give you any tips on which building or room to request in the Punta Cana section, as I am not familiar with it. I’ve just been on a walk through & had lunch in the restaurant etc. But the pool area is nice & their is a great kids play area…complete with Pirate Ship etc.
And as northernale1 suggests…grab a drink and your map, hop on the train & take a spin or two around the complex to get the lay of the land!!


mra… Haha :slight_smile: np, you helped me enough! If the pool area is nice, i should maybe ask for a room with a pool view or something-but most likely I just wont tell them a preference, I might just try my luck :slight_smile: I can’t wait to grab a drink and hop on the train lol :slight_smile: funny sentence…


You will not be disappointed with the Palladium. The Punta Cana, Bavaro, Palace and Royal Suites are all one big Palladium Resort. The Royal section is Adult only. most of the activity is at the Bavaro section (Hemmingways Bar, Sports Bar and theatre). I love the covered walkways, if you ever get caught in a rain shower, you won’t get wet!!


Yes, the covered walkways were a blessing…not only from the rain (which we had very little of), but from the sun too.
zdrav…be sure & check out Hemmingway’s Bar in the evenings (5pm - 11:30/12mid) Great place to just sit & chill out and listen to some great piano music. If you want more information about the resort, check out with following website: www.palladiumaddict.net