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Has Anyone Changed Their Booking Beforehand?

We are booked to go to Grand Oasis Bavaro with Nolitours at the end of Dec. but something may be happening that might deem changing our booking but not something covered by trip cancellation. I will call our travel agent in the morning but wanted to check if it is possible to switch to another resort that is still under Nolitours and pay any increase there may be? Again, not something covered by cancellation ins.

Typically, if the change is more than 45 days before, there is a nominal charge, like about $50. Between 22 days and 45 days, it’s typically 50%. 22 days or less, you guessed it.
You said maybe. Let’s hope you don’t have to because it could be expensive.

I have changed before with the same company, but your Travel agent must deal direct with them. You may have to pay for any additional resort cost, if the other is lower , well then Good Luck.

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Thank you. I realize it could only be with the same company. But in the book under conditions and terms it does say that we would lose 50%. Ahhh. but I will try our travel agent just in case.