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Has anyone returned from G B Principe Cayacoa?


Would be interested to know if this hotel has got off to a good start


Yes someone please post a review. We’re booked to go Feb 15th-22nd, we’ve read mixed reviews.


Looks like you are going to be the first Pam&Roy. I’m so jealous. I have another 13 weeks to wait yet. Hope you have a great time and I’ll be grateful if you could let me know what it’s like


We just returned on Thursday, we had a jr suite and we were in villas down by the water. We counted 100 stairs (not steps) to the main building. I would not recommend these rooms unless you are really physically fit., however, there are golf carts that will pick you up from your room and will take you to the main building.
The buffet had lots to choose from, A La Carte’s were OK and the scenery was spectacular. Staff could be a little friendlier. Pool is fantastic and lots of activities to do at the resort. We did the whale watching boat tour, well worth the money. Samana,interesting with lots of local colour, don’t plan on shopping there, not a lot to choose from.
Not much in the way of a beach, so if you’re a beach walker, you’ll have to find another pastime. It was a nice resort and our room was fantastic, no problems, though we heard of others complaining.Would we go back?, been there done that, but I would recommend this resort to others.


Thanks Pam&roy, have you any pictures to share?


Yes hundreds, we just have to sort through them. We will post a review with pics once we get organized.


:smiley: Thanks