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Has anyone tried the Cascading Excursion?


Just curious if anyone had gone on the excursion where you climb up waterfalls of varying heights and then jump your way back to the bottom:


It looks like fun, but is it safe? I would love to hear a story or two regarding this tour. Thank you.


We went on this trip and it was the highlight of our holiday. There were seven of us including 3kids 10,8,&7 and because of the guides,who you do have to listen to and put your trust in, we all felt perfectly safe. You swim across water pools and then you are pulled up waterfalls. when you get to the last one (which I think is the 7th, as high as they take tourists) you are in a sort of a cave with water cascading through the ceiling. You then slide back down and when you get to the last couple you have the chance to jump off a fairly high ridge (which I did) or you can go down the ladder. The scariest part was watching myself in a bikini on the video afterward (not a pleasent sight) :o

I know if you go you will love it.

Debi :sunglasses:


Well there have been injuries and even one death where a child drowned via getting sucked down by a swirling pool. But everything in life is dangerous, even crossing the street. Everybody that has been loves it but its quite a physical excursion.


Please be careful.

The following links are to the sad story of Canadian youngster Adam Vitaterna who lost his young life just over a year ago in a similar excursion. I am not trying to be alarmist as at the time this happened there had been a lot of rain, which was somewhat unusual, and the excursion was NOT with Iguana Mama, which has a very good reputation as a safe Tour Operator, but I am just reminding us all to exercise caution and think things through.



Be safe and have fun.


P.S. - The poster “Cheetah” is Adam’s father.


That is awful :frowning: it happened after our trip if it had happened before I wouldn’t have risked it with the kids. We went in May and the currents weren’t that strong. The guides we had also stayed along side the children (who could all swim),and would not let another swim until the first one was safe, however the guides are allocated at the site, so it could well be the luck of the draw as to what guides you get. Thankfully ours were very strong and very safety conscious and kept telling everyone to listen and do exactly what they said in order to remain safe.



:o just got back on saturday from cofresi .My 13 year old daughter and i did the falls and loved it .But had i seen the write up on that young lad we would have stayed away.MY heart goes out to the vitaterna family. Just one question i would like answered if possible . Which tour operator were they using ?


Alegria Tours s.a
Manuel Martinez , nice guy.